About Magnificat Ministries

L & M Outside - 1We are a Catholic lay apostolate which has been actively engaged in the New Evangelization since 1993. The apostolate is built upon the spiritual foundation of our primary vocation to marriage and the call we’ve discerned to live the hidden life of Nazareth; characterized by personal contemplative prayer, silence, solitude and manual labor.

Given our desire to remain in the heart of the Church, we very deliberately embraced Saint John Paul II’s 4 year pastoral plan to prepare for the Great Jubilee. Early in that final year of preparation (winter of 1999) we were led to consecrate our lives to Divine Providence. This grace was closely followed by a call to move to rural New Brunswick; which we did, taking possession of our country homestead on the eve of the Great Jubilee. The nine years that followed were an intense time of purification and ongoing formation; our personal Jubilee grace! Through that providential season of grace we were granted greater clarity about the priorities and focus of both our personal lives and the apostolate.

Building upon the grace of the New Evangelization and drawing from the pastoral wisdom of Saint John Paul II and the grace of the Great Jubilee, Magnificat Ministries now also offers – what we’ve come to regard as – formation in the Ancient Discipleship; namely, teaching on prayer (both personal and liturgical) and the interior life as taught by the mystical Doctors of the Church, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, documents of Vatican II and Sacred Scripture.

Our life is founded on trust in Divine Providence! Magnificat Ministries however is the primary means through which the Lord’s provision is supplied.  It is both a spiritual reality – an instrument through which we are enabled to serve the lay faithful – and a legal entity through which the lay faithful can share in our mission through financial contributions. We are federally incorporated as a not-for-profit charity, overseen by a Board of Directors, and have been granted charitable status by the government of Canada. Income tax receipts are issued at year end or upon request for donations of $20.00 or more.

Bishop Crosby 1As lay missionaries we have been called to move on more than one occasion. While discerning a possible move to southern Ontario, Providence granted us an opportunity to meet with Bishop Douglas Crosby O.M.I.. In his desire to support and encourage us to move – and thereby confirming our discernment rather clearly – he offered us the rental of a vacant home owned by the diocese (a more detailed account of that remarkable development is available in our Magnificat Newsletter – January, 2013 ). Thanks to that Providential and most generous offer, we are now living in the city of Brantford, in the diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.


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