Prophetic Words







We invite you to take these to prayer. We believe their relevance can be of service to us in the days we are living in.


 Sense received:      Ash Wednesday, February 21, 2007

       “I am sending you back [to Ontario] to help rebuild my Church.”



Sense received during prayer:     April 28, 2007

       “Unite the army.”



Sense received during prayer:     July 25, 2008

       All will be overthrown.”

       “You must strengthen what remains.”  



Dream:      July 31, 2008

       “It is time to gather the body.”      


We have been waiting on the Lord, consulting trusted men and women of the Spirit and our board of directors, praying, pondering and discerning these words since that time. We sense that now is the time to share them with you and make them public.