The Message of Thérèse of Lisieux (1)

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Although the following ‘blog posts’ will be posted on this blog, they are not – strictly speaking – blog posts at all. I will not be sharing one original thought which is my own.

I will however be sharing with you some rather insightful and original thoughts of others; namely the Dominican theologian M.M. Philipon (who wrote this out-of-print classic I’m quoting from), recent popes, saints and of course, St. Thérèse. Please note that the text in general (found in “quotation marks”) was penned by Fr. Philipon, who also quotes extensively (found in ‘single quotation marks’). To highlight the particular distinction owed to the most recently named Doctor of the Church, I have and will continue to bold and italicize the words of St. Thérèse herself.

Quoted from the Introduction of The Message of Thérèse of Lisieux by M.M. Philipon – page X, XI

” The doctrinal mission of Thérèse of Lisieux was to recall to mankind the dogma of the divine Fatherhood and God’s merciful love, to teach [us] by her spiritual childhood to raise [ourselves] to the highest evangelical perfection by the practice of ordinary virtues.

St_Therese_of_Lisieux“She was ‘a living word’, a ‘word of God’, for ‘God tells us – and little Thérèse with him – that there is one thing as great as, if not greater than, action and spiritual genius, and that is humility, utter fidelity to the duty of one’s state in life whatever it may be, a readiness for every sacrifice, a confident surrender of oneself into the hands of God, and above all love, the true love of God’.Thérèse, ‘miracle of virtues and prodigy of miracles’,has taught us ‘a new way of holiness accessible to all’.

“Spiritual childhood is the secret of sanctity for all the Faithful of the entire world’.‘If this way of spiritual childhood became general, it would bring about the reform of human society’.The Saint of Lisieux has revealed herself as a true ‘master’ of the spiritual life.6


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