Therese as a child“Everything is simple in the life of Saint  Thérèse of the Child Jesus. She raises herself to the highest Christian perfection by the thread of ordinary events, without any remarkable action, without a miracle, without attracting attention, passing unnoticed during the twenty-four short years that that God gave her to work out her ascent to Him. Never during her lifetime was she pointed out as a saint to be canonized. Her heroic fidelity kept her always effaced within the framework of the most ordinary kind of life.”

“Despite what we have just said, the Church has called her ‘a masterpiece of nature and grace’.1 What characterizes the holiness of  Thérèse of Lisieux is just this marvelous harmony in her of the gifts of nature and grace, allowing each one to develop spontaneously, without interference, without stiffness, in an ever increasingly complete and simple subordination of the human to the divine.”

We do not find in Thérèse a “proud, hyper-sensitive and unbalanced nature, a battleground of violent struggles against evil passions” but rather “the peaceful but vigilant domination of the Spirit of God, highest form of triumph of grace in the life of the saints.”

Pius XI, Discourse after the beatification ceremonies, audience of April 30, 1923

Quoted from the The Message of Thérèse of Lisieux by M.M. Philipon – page 1, 2

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