The Message of Thérèse of Lisieux (5)

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St_Therese_of_Lisieux“The novitiate passed in spiritual dryness. This was for her the usual characteristic of her intimacy with God during almost her whole life in Carmel…

Her mystical life, simple and ordinary in appearance, was more and more dominated interiorly by divine inspirations. The Holy Spirit guided her in everything. Thérèse herself has left us some valuable confidences in this matter:

‘My retreat before profession, like those that followed, was filled with dryness. Yet, without my even noticing it, the means of pleasing God and practicing virtue were clearly unveiled to me then. I have often observed that Jesus will never give me a store of provisions. He nourishes me at each moment with food that is always new. I find it within my soul without knowing how it has come. I believe, quite simply, that it is Jesus Himself, hidden in the depths of my poor heart, who acts in me in a mysterious way, and who inspires me with whatever He wants me to do at the moment that He wants it.

For those who understand these things, this is an unconscious description of a high level of mystical life under the predominating influence of the Holy Spirit.”

Quoted from the The Message of Thérèse of Lisieux by M.M. Philipon – page 12

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