Host An Event

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Magnificat evangelistic-worship event in your faith community.

Should require or desire further information please do not hesitate to contact Marcel directly at: 519-503-8138 (a personal phone conversation always remains a valid and often effective option) or via email at

The process to book an event is a simple and straightforward one. We’d be happy to explain it to you personally, or you can read the following information – with an accompanying document  –  which has been prepared to answer questions you may have.

  • Choose a preferred date (subject to Marcel’s availability).
  • Choose a format (Parish Mission, Full-day Seminar or Behold His Glory evening).
  • Choose a theme (where applicable). Please note that the theme can be decided upon following discussion with Marcel.

Once you have a prospective date and event in mind, please:

  • READ Magnificat-Remuneration:Proposal & Agreement, 2017 which explains the rationale and specifics of the agreement to be signed between Magnificat Ministries and yourself and the financial commitment involved.
  • PRINT, then COMPLETE and SIGN this MAGNIFICAT Proposal and Agreement form (page 2 of the document above).

Once completed and signed, please scan the  Proposal and Agreement form and email to, or send by mail to:

Magnificat Ministries
1971 Montclair Ave
Orleans, ON
K1W 1H9


IntoTheDeep2012-8halfx11Getting the ‘word out’: an Option

Once an event and date are booked, professionally designed, full-color posters (featured throughout the website)  with all your relevant data can be printed.

For a modest fee, the poster files are re-opened and updated with your location, time and date. You choose the size and number of posters you desire. The new file is then emailed to the nearest Staples/Business Depot for printing. You will be contacted once your posters are ready for pick up and distribution.



Comments or questions are welcome.

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