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Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve were created by God through his Word and God said that this was indeed very good.

I wish I could have met Adam and Eve after their creation.  I am sure I would have been dazzled by their brightness, their purity and their perfection. They were God’s supreme masterpiece for they had been made in his image and likeness and had been created in an original state of holiness and justice.

Their bodies were beautiful, their minds understood perfectly both God and his creatures; all their faculties of mind, heart, imagination and memory were ordered toward God and worked in unison with their spirit and their body.  They were innocent, they loved God purely, and they had no fear of death because they had been given the gift of immortality.

I really could go on and on about Adam and Eve’s perfection, but the picture is clear.  They were in a state of purity, grace and innocence.

But alas, something went wrong…

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