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Adam & Eve

Lucifer, the greatest and most beautiful of God’s angels, had been created, along with all the other angels, to live in complete harmony with God, submitting himself freely to God in a loving friendship.

But Lucifer was not happy with this state of things.  He began to think very highly of himself and grew to covet God’s position.  He became jealous and envious of God’s prerogatives.

He who had been created to reflect God’s glory, to live in a delightful  harmony with Him, to reflect the beauty of His Word, chose instead to speak his own words, sing his own tune, and go his own way.  Basically, he rejected God’s sovereignty over his life and wished rather for self-determination.  He wanted to be equal to God in power and majesty, not content with being one of God’s creatures.

Perhaps he began with a whisper and then moved on to speaking more openly in the courts of God.
His voice became louder, his words more and more filled with pride and arrogance.
Very soon, he had a war cry and it was, “I shall not serve!”

Others began to listen…

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