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Adam & Eve

Lucifer managed to sway one third of the angels to his view of things.  Their choice against God was irrevocable because being pure spirits,  the decision they made on that day was a fully conscious one  and came from the very essence and heart of their being.  This is why their choice – their sin – was unforgivable.

A battle ensued between the faithful angels led by Michael the archangel and the rebellious angels led by Lucifer.  Michael and his angels won the great battle and Lucifer and his friends were cast out of heaven, fallen from grace.

From that time on, a battle has been raging between God, creator of all  and Lucifer who will come to be known as Satan (which means “Adversary” in Hebrew).

Because Satan is opposed to God, he is also opposed to all that is good, beautiful and true, to all that is a reminder to him of what he lost through his rebellion.
His life is one of perversion, deception, distortion, lies and death.

Hating God, he decided to go into the Garden of Eden to see what mischief he could accomplish…

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