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Adam & Eve

Satan found Adam and Eve. What Adam did in order to protect Eve from the onslaught of the evil one is still a mystery to me.  It seems he never lifted up his voice in defense of Eve, providing his mantle of protection.

Satan’s strategy was very simple; he began to sow doubt into Adam and Eve’s hearts about the truth of God’s word.  The right, the privilege and the ability to judge between good and evil belonged to God but Satan enticed them to believe that it was theirs to possess.

The battle was on between the Word and the anti-word, between life and death, between complete dependence on God or dependence on themselves.

Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and immediately experienced a change.  They fell from grace.
Absolutely everything was now different.  The beautiful harmony that existed between them and God was sundered and they became afraid of God.  Their relationship with one another also changed as well as their relationship with all of creation.  They were no longer immortal but would now experience death, the wages of their sin.

God had warned them…but they did not trust.  In effect, Adam and Eve allowed trust in God to die in their hearts.

The knowledge of good and evil which God had reserved for Himself, they had usurped.  They wished to have the power to judge for themselves what was good and what was evil and of acting accordingly.  This was a claim to complete moral independence by which they refused to acknowledge their status as created beings.

Adam and Eve would now experience even more fully the consequences of their choice…

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