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Adam & Eve

By their sin, Adam and Eve lost the original holiness and justice they had received from God, not only for themselves but for the whole human race.  This “original sin”, this loss of holiness and justice in their human nature was and is still being passed on to every succeeding generation.  We see the consequence of this right away in their two sons, where Cain, being jealous of his brother Abel, decides to murder him.

Their intimacy and friendship with God was ruptured in a way that they could not ever repair.  They became afraid of God.

The dominion that Adam and Eve had over their own beings was now impaired.  Their intellects were darkened, their memories and imaginations sullied and vulnerable to the attacks of Satan, their wills weakened.  Their passions became disordered so that they were no longer easily masters of their souls.

Their dominion over creation was also impaired; they became afraid of creatures and the creatures became afraid of them.

The relationship between Adam and Eve also fell.
Eve, instead of being an equal partner with Adam became dominated by him and was reduced to the role of child-bearer.
Adam now had to struggle against an environment that had become hostile to him.
What should have been delight and play became drudgery and hard work.

All manner of sin began to make its way into their hearts and consequently into the hearts of all their descendants; pride, avarice, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, sloth, malice, jealousy, fornication, adultery, murder, theft, bickering, gossip, etc.

And finally, Adam and Eve lost the gift of immortal life.

But God, who still loved them so very much, in spite of their treachery, did not abandon them.
He had a Plan…


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