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The Father and the Son

God the Father spoke everything that exists into being through the Word, who is his Son.
There is nothing that was not made save by this Word.
Everything…great and small, visible and invisible…everything is held in existence by the Word of God.

And the greatest of His creation are men and women, who were made in His image and likeness.
All of creation speaks forth the glory and the beauty of God and we especially, were created so that we could be “little words”, speaking forth the wonders of our Creator, rooted in His truth, love and beauty.

“Through him all things came into being, not one thing came into being except through him.” (John 1:3) 

All Christians who know Jesus Christ – the Logos (Greek) made flesh, the Verbum Dei (Latin) – believe not only that what I have written is true, in a subjective kind of way, but they believe that it is the truth, that it is objectively true. Christians believe that it is the foundation of all seen and unseen reality.

And this is important, because it is the absolute foundation upon which we endeavor to build our lives.

We come from God through his Word and we return to God through his Word.  There is no other way.

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