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Biblical Dreams

This section contains dreams that are found in the Old as well as in the New Testament.  A lot of Christians aren't aware that the sacred scriptures contain many, many accounts of dreams sent by God to guide, protect, influence and comfort his people.  Dreams are part and parcel of God's communication with us which is why Marcel and I cherish every dream that He sends us.  

As always, we recount the dreams and then proceed to break them down in order to decipher all the symbolic elements.  This helps us gain a full understanding of the message God was trying to communicate to these heroes of the bible.

Over time, we hope to have a post on every single dream found in the scriptures!

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Numbers 12:6.  In this scripture verse, God teaches Aaron and Miriam how He communicates with them and with Moses. (New)

Gideon's Dream TN

"Gideon's Dream".  In point of fact, it wasn't Gideon who had a dream but a Midianite soldier.  God gave this pagan soldier a dream in order to reassure Gideon that He was truly with him.  

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Solomon's DreamAt the beginning of his political career, Solomon, the heir to his father David's throne, had an incredible encounter with God in his sleep. 

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"Nebuchadnezzar's Dream".  A very wise and prophetic young man in the Babylonian court helps the king by deciphering a troubling dream. 

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"The Wise Men's" Dream.  The three magi were given a divine warning through a dream in order to protect Jesus, the newborn King. 

Mordecai's Dream TN

"Mordecai's Dream" from the Book of Esther shows us how God can reveal His plans to us ahead of time, even during our sleep.

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