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Blessed Alan de la Roche


Dominican Theologian 1428-1475

The rosary is


 the storehouse

of countless




Heading 2

Linda - October 10, 2021 - Thanksgiving weekend.  In the past year and a half, there's been a major shift on the global scene, especially in the political, economical and ideological arenas from which, I fear, there is no turning back.  Our personal freedoms are being increasingly restricted and our basic inalienable rights as citizens of this world and also as citizens of the Kingdom of God on earth are being overridden.  If you feel a growing sense of unease, if you feel that things just aren't quite right, if you believe that there's an evil agenda behind the growing censorship worldwide, if you see darkness increasing at an alarming speed and becoming bolder in its expression, then I believe that you are seeing things with a clear eye. This evil agenda is on a global scale and things will definitely worsen as time goes by, with many of us having to perhaps embrace a white if not a red martyrdom. I do sincerely hope not, but the reality of the times in which we are now living seems to be pointing in that direction.

Many of you, I know, are praying the Rosary and asking Our Lady and her son Jesus to intervene in the growing chaos, confusion and division that we find in the world and in the Church.  Please continue to do so, especially during this month dedicated to the Rosary.  More than ever, we need intercessors like you who will storm heaven in a spirit of love, humility and great trust in God's goodness.  We must put our faith only and solely in God and not put our trust in "foreign alliances" that will ultimately fail us.  The only way out of our present difficulties is trust in God alone.   


However, I also know that there are many, like Marcel and I, who find the recitation of the Rosary a very difficult practice, so you may find the following post quite helpful and encouraging:  "The Dark Tornado Dream".  May the Immaculate Heart of Mary Triumph over all the darkness that is presently afflicting us!  

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