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Let the music sound for our God,

let it sound,

let the music sound for our King,

let it sound.

For he is King of the whole world;

learn the music,

let it sound for God!

God reigns over the nations.

Psalm 47: 6-7

Statue of Christ the King in Świebodzin, Poland.  It's 33 metres high (108 ft), but with the crown and the base, it stands at 52.5 metres (172 ft).

Linda - November 26, 2023 - Christ the King

Today marks the end of one liturgical season and the beginning of another and Catholics around the world are united in celebrating the great Solemnity of Christ the King.  We do so because we recognize that Jesus Christ is indeed the only One, True, King over the whole world.  No matter what our political leaders think and do, that Reality - with a capital "R"- is solid, immutable, and unwaveringly true. Today we are seeing the rise of rich men; oligarchs, businessmen, political leaders, in practically every nation, with thoughts of global power and domination.  These men are trying to implement their own "kingdom", their own vision of how the world should be structured, so that they can hold sway over the entire population of the earth. 


But their plans will eventually be overthrown by our King Jesus and by the testimony of our words.  When we declare the truth boldly, the words that we speak can actually help change reality.  They can shift the atmosphere, so to speak, and in doing so, can help bring down the plans of the enemy.  So let's lift up our voices and "let the music sound for our King" and declare that He will one day return in glory to achieve the definitive triumph of good over evil and fulfill His own plans for our ultimate peace, joy and happiness.


Psalm 9: 7-8

See, Yahweh is enthroned for ever,

keeping his throne firm for judgement;

he will himself judge the world in uprightness,

will give a true verdict on the nations.

Psalm 34: 10-12

Yahweh thwarts the plans of nations,

frustrates the counsels of peoples;

but Yahweh's own plan stands firm for ever,

his heart's counsel from age to age.

How blessed the nation whose God is Yahweh,

the people He has chosen as His heritage.

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