Contemporary Dreams

Bunker Dream TN

"Bunker" Dream. This is a dream about a group of people, a cellar, food and a cat!

The Snake Dream TN

"The Snake" Dream.  Who hasn't had a dream with a snake in it?  We're sure very few people haven't. Find out the meaning of this particular snake dream.

Angelic Protection TN

"Angelic Protection" Dream. The Lord always encourages us in our times of trials and difficulties and He often sends heavenly help.

Storm Trooper Camp TN

"Storm Trooper" Dream. This dream dovetails quite nicely with our teaching videos on the Purgative Way.

Orange Bam TN

"Orange Balm" Dream. Discover how oranges and lip balm can communicate a 'word' from the Lord to encourage you.

Help on the way TN

"Help On the Way" Dream. A prophetic dream with a promise of heavenly help. 

Flooded Lot TN

"Flooded Lot" Dream. A friend of ours was given this very timely dream where God shows her the part she needs to play as world events unfold.

Tree Dream TN

"The Tree" Dream.  The Lord uses a single image to communicate the truth of Old and New Testament scriptures.

Turquoise Car.png

"The Turquoise Car" Dream. France shares this beautiful 'calling' dream the Lord gave her which will not only inspire you in your own call and mission but will also help you learn how to interpret your own dreams.

Screenshot 2019-11-16 12.47.38.png

"Coloured Pants" Dream. What do pants symbolize in a dream? Join Marcel as he relates the dream and breaks down its components in order to decipher the message that God, in His goodness, was sending us.

I Am With You TN

"I Am With You" Dream.  Another snake dream with a very encouraging message and a comforting "presence".

Storm Dream TN

"The Dark Tornado" Dream.  This dream teaches how one single Hail Mary can protect us and completely overcome the enemy's plans of chaos and destruction.

White Dog Dream TN

"White Dog" Dream.  In this dream, God graciously reveals His heart for Kathie, calling her into deeper intimacy with Him.

Screenshot 2019-11-16 12.31.15.png

"The Number 19" Dream. The number 19 has a significance all of its own but the real key to interpreting this dream was the discovery that God was using a play on words in order to grant us greater assurance that He was with us!