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"Wake Up" Dream

Linda Dion
May 12, 2024

As previously mentioned in another post, there's a word that I've found myself writing over and over again for the past 2 years and that's the word "STAND!" (see Proverbs 28:1 post).  As global events unfold and men are working together to ensnare the whole world in their wicked global agenda, the Lord is asking all those of us who belong to Him to stand firm against the evil tide and to push back.


But there's another "word" that the Lord has been clearly speaking to me for a while and it began almost 4 years ago on August 10, 2020 with a dream.  I had entitled the dream "Kiss and Wake Up".


It felt like I was standing in a sort of grocery store because I could vaguely see fruits and vegetables behind a man.  I was just standing there, not doing anything, sort of just looking ahead.  Then the man came up to me, kissed me on the forehead and said, "Wake up!" 

I think I was asleep from being so tired.  He then kissed me 2 more times.  I was really trying so hard to open my eyes, like we do when we're awakened suddenly from a really deep sleep.  I felt so absolutely exhausted and sort of wondered how I could actually be standing up and sleeping, but I was struggling really hard to rouse myself from this sleep.

Wake Up!

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