"Watchmen on the Wall" Dream 

Linda Dion

April, 2020

My "Watchmen on the Wall" dream given to me near the end of July 2018, was rather short and pretty simple.  I was leaving work, I saw something and I had a thought about it.  That was it.  One of the reasons I've decided to share it is because some of you might recognize something similar going on in your lives and understanding this dream can give you insight into something the Lord might be calling you into.

I was exiting a building which seemed to be my place of work.  As I was walking by the front of the building, I noticed that the whole building itself was mostly made of glass, like the newer work towers that are being built these days...basically mostly windows with a bit of brick.

I looked up and saw that on the right of the building, on quite a few floors, several workers had decided to pull their chairs right up to the window in order to do their work there.  They were seated, working away, basking in the sunlight streaming in and able to see so much more than being at a desk somewhere else in the office.

"Oh", I thought, "they've probably seen me do this and they've decided to do the same."


Upon waking up, the first thing that came to mind was, "Oh I know, the title for the dream should be "Watchmen on the Wall".  It was so clear to me that this is what I had been shown in the dream; people who were positioning themselves so that they could see more clearly into the distance.  It's like they could still do their normal, every day duties, but they had seated themselves in such a way that they could also be on the alert and see anything "out there".

It was a bright, sunny day, which meant the Lord was present in the "Son-shine".  By sitting right up close to the window, everyone there was basking in this sunshine, so there is a sense of everyone going about their "duty of the moment" in a prayerful attitude, ready to call out what they were seeing in the distance.

To be a person on the watchtower is a service to those we love, to family and friends and to God's people in general. It's a calling by God to be watchful, to be on the alert, to prayerfully consider what one is being shown, most especially about the future - near or far.  With the calling there comes an ability to describe and in many cases, interpret what is being seen or heard.  

I believe God is calling many people to be "watchmen on the tower", pointing out what they see coming in the distance in order to "sound the alarm" so that the people of God have time to respond and get ready.  To be sure, not everything we see into the future is negative, but in the Old Testament, the sentinel on the watchtower was the one who kept guard on behalf of the inhabitants, looking out into "the distance" with a keen eye and an awakened spirit.  Even vineyard owners built watchtowers on their land to keep marauders from stealing the crops.  

Of course we need to be sure that what we see is really from the Lord so it's a good practice to always pray before "releasing" a word.  Prayer enables us to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit who will reveal to us how we are to relay the information we've been given, to whom it should be given and also when to share the word.  There can be times when God reveals something to us that is never meant to be shared but which can often be a call to intercession.  Discernment is key.

I pray that...

Ezekiel 3:17

"I have appointed you as watchman for the House of Israel.  When you hear a word from my mouth, warn them from me.

Isaiah 21: 6-8

For this is what the Lord has told me,

'Go, post a look-out, let him report what he sees...

let him watch alertly, be very alert indeed!'

'On the watchtower, Lord, I stay all day

and at my post I stand all night.