The Art of Prayer

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Genuine Training: God's first priority for us is holiness and according to St. Pope John Paul II, our pursuit of holiness calls for genuine training. His wisdom is both insightful and inspiring!

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Prayer: The Foundation of it All: Holiness and prayer are at the heart of our Christian life. This is what St. Pope John Paul II declared.

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Blue Light Menace: This discovery will do wonders for both your sleep and prayer!

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God's Solution to Every Problem: Thousands of years ago, God revealed to King Solomon His solution to (virtually) every known problem of humanity. This video (part 1) reveals what that revelation is...

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Distinguished Lives: What, above all, should distinguish our Christian lives? You may be surprised by St. John Paul II's answer to this important question and be delighted with this discovery!

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The Dialogue of Prayer: Prayer must be an indispensable part of our walk with God. There is absolutely no growth without it. But when it matures, it progresses into a genuine dialogue of love.

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The Best Prayer There Is: If you want to pray THE best prayer there is...please take the time to view this video!

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God's Solution: 2 Chr. 7:14. This video (part 2) completes the revelation of the 'Ancient response of faith' linked to 2 Chronicles 7:14, to open the floodgates of healing for our lives and for our land!

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The Art of Prayer: St John Paul II said that our lives should be distinguished above all "by the art of prayer". This is most intriguing, especially in light of the struggle that many experience in prayer.  

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The Danger of Late Nights: When Fr. Bob Bedard would come and visit us, he would never stay much later than 8:00pm. He had a very special reason for doing so.

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3 Keys to a Fabulous Marriage: There are 3 basic "keys" to building a firm foundation for a marriage that will thrive and last until the end of your days. These keys will help to set you on the right path.

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Fulfill Your Destiny: What is one of the most important elements in our life in order to fulfill our destiny?

Discernment Issues:

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3 Discernment Ducks: Discerning God's will can often be somewhat tricky. A priest friend of ours shared a few pointers which involve 3 ducks. When these 3 ducks are lined up, we are good to go!

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Discernment Tip for Couples: Early on in our marriage, we met monthly with Fr. Bob Bedard. On one occasion, Fr. Bob gave us one of the best pieces of advice we've ever received to discern major decisions within our marriage.

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Unity in Discernment for Married Couples: Following up on our previous video about Fr. Bob's discernment tip for married couples, we speak of certain basic elements that need to be taken into account in order to achieve unity in discernment within one's marriage.

Novo Millenio Ineunte (Towards the Third Millenium:

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St. Pope John Paul II On Priorities: In his Jubilee document published in 2001 and entitled "Novo Millenio Ineunte", St. Pope John Paul II outlined 7 pastoral priorities in order of importance. Please view the video to find out what they are.

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The Eucharist: Third Pastoral Priority: According to St. John Paul II, the Eucharist - which we know to be the source and summit of the Christian life - should not be our first pastoral priority! How can that be? 

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Holiness: First Pastoral Priority: Saint Pope John Paul II stated that "holiness remains more than ever an urgent pastoral task". At the heart of holiness is the sense of belonging to God, just as husband and wife belong to each other.

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Prayer: Second Pastoral Priority: If we do not wish to become stunted souls, we must commit to prayer.