The Second Mansions

Once arrived in the Second Mansions, one could say of a person that it has reached a new point of departure.  A great number of people remain in the First Mansions, but for those who are determined to advance further in, entering into the Second Mansions is based on a very simple decision: the decision to pray.  When we anchor ourselves in daily conversations with God, things really begin to change on many fronts.  Some things get better and to be frank, some things get worse, which is why so many people abandon their life of prayer and regress into the First Mansions.  It's therefore a crucial time in our walk with God.  And for those who deliberately choose to keep going forward, regardless of all the trials that crop up, the rewards are very well worth the effort!


The videos 

Door into 2nd Mansions

The Door into the 2nd Mansions: Crossing the threshold into the second mansions indicates significant progress in the spiritual life which should encourage us.

Magnificat Logo

Confession, Healing & Restoration! The sacrament of reconciliation does considerably more than forgive our sins...please view our video and see why you should rejoice!

Those Who Seek Find

Those Who Seek Will Find. A fundamental requirement for spiritual growth is the ongoing pursuit of God. Our spiritual loves are not static. We either grow and advance or we lose ground.

A Common Pitfall

In Pursuit of Holiness: A Pitfall to Avoid. It is an excellent practice to read about the lives of the saints but constantly comparing ourselves to them can actually become a hindrance in our pursuit of holiness.

St. John TN

St. John of the Cross.  "Spiritual Canticle" stanza 1, paragraph 7.