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Dom Chautard

O.C.S.O. 1858-1935


    God has given me the grace to recognize that the big obstacle to my acquiring a peaceful and fruitful interior life is my natural activity, and my tendency to be carried away by my work.  And I have recognized, besides, that this lack of interior life is the source of all my faults, all my troubles, my dryness, my fits of disgust, and my bad health.

    I have therefore resolved to direct all my efforts to acquiring this interior life which I so badly need....

Soul of the Apostolate, p.43

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Linda - January 23, 2022 -Without doubt, missionary and apostolic zeal are wonderful for the building up of the kingdom of God on earth.  But without prayer, they will flounder and become powerless.  The harvesting of souls must be founded on an intimate relationship with God which is developed through daily conversation.  This inner life is the foundation of everything else and those who nurture this life will reap a golden harvest, in this world and in the next. That is why Marcel and I place such importance on a personal, intimate and robust prayer life which yields its fruit as we go about our daily tasks.

Linda - November 6, 2022 - Dom Chautard describes so well what happens when we allow our activities and a busy schedule to take over all of our time, to the expense of intimate time with the Lord.  Many people say, "But my work is my prayer!".  I can just imagine what would happen to a couple if the spouses were constantly saying to one another,  "I'm so sorry honey, but I'm just too busy to talk to you today.  Consider the work I do time spent with you!"  Sounds absurd right? We all know what would happen to a marriage if the spouses never spent time together, sharing every day.  It is the same between us and God.  When we allow our activities to take over, our relationship with the Lord inevitably takes a downturn and when we experience dryness because of this, it isn't "The Dark Night of the Soul" as some people believe!  It's simply our interior life drying up because of our lack of desire.  As Dom Chautard states, we need to be resolved in directing a great deal of effort to the interior life.  We will probably very often not feel like going to prayer, but we must go none the less.  

Marcel's video "The Most Common Temptation Against Prayer" addresses this issue.

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