Dom Chautard

O.C.S.O. 1858-1935


   God has given me the grace to recognize that the big obstacle to my acquiring a peaceful and fruitful interior life is my natural activity, and my tendency to be carried away by my work.  And I have recognized, besides, that this lack of interior life is the source of all my faults, all my troubles, my dryness, my fits of disgust, and my bad health.

   I have therefore resolved to direct all my efforts to acquiring this interior life which I so badly need....

Soul of the Apostolate, p.43

Magnificat Logo

Without doubt, missionary and apostolic zeal are wonderful for the building up of the kingdom of God on earth.  But without prayer, they will flounder and become powerless.  The harvesting of souls must be founded on an intimate relationship with God which is developed through daily conversation.  This inner life is the foundation of everything else and those who nurture this life will reap a golden harvest, in this world and in the next. (September 2021)