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"The Dark Tornado" Dream

Linda Dion
March 28, 2020

This is another dream that I had a few years back, in January of 2017.  It wasn't an especially pleasant dream, but it was very peaceful.  It came at a time when Marcel and I didn't quite know what direction the Lord was going to lead us in because our living situation as well as our finances were very much up in the air.  It was a time when there was a bit of stress and anxiety about our future, a situation which the devil enjoys taking advantage of.  But the Lord gave us a tip on how to deal with his attacks.

I was with Marcel and a few other men, standing outside of a long one-storey building, made of reddish-brown brick. It had a kind of warehouse or factory feel to it. We were in a city, but I didn't recognize the surroundings.  There were streets, buildings, trees, cars, etc, all in their usual colours. 

However, the whole sky was very dark and a tornado was moving through the city, coming towards us.  The tornado itself was dark as well, but not very wide and pretty much vertical in the sky.  And even though the sky was dark, there was still the light of day shining on everything.  Everything looked normal.

We calmly went into the building to seek protection, agreeing as a group that this was the best course of action to follow.  After a short while, I suddenly got flat out on the ground and prayed a single Hail Mary.  The others were a bit surprised at this action but not Marcel.

We then realized that the tornado had come and gone but that we had never felt a thing!  There was no damage to the building that we were in.  We all went outside to look around; the tornado was gone, but the sky was still very dark.

Storm Dream Image

This image does not accurately represent what I saw in my dream.  In the dream, we are standing on the sidewalk of a city.  But I couldn't find a picture that exactly fit that scene so I chose this one to show how the sky can be dark but yet the sun still shine. It also shows the tornado being straight and narrow.  When a tornado is narrow, it points to a season of chaos or destruction that either won't be widespread or of long duration.

When we find ourselves in a dream with a group of people, this can often refer to a job that we have or a ministry that we participate in.  In this case, even though the dream is about me and for me, the outcome of the dream does affect each person in the group.

In a previous post (Angelic Protection), I've shown how I diagram a dream to help me break it down to its essentials.  In this post, I'll show another technique that I've learned which is very helpful; it's to re-write the dream in succinct and short sentences that get right to the point:

1.  I'm with Marcel and some others.

2.  The sky is dark and a tornado is coming.

3.  We go inside a building for protection.

4.  I prostrate myself on the ground and pray one Hail Mary.

5.  We are safe.  The tornado has passed us by without damage.


Through this dream, the Lord was really trying to grant me reassurance and peace.  You see, I must admit that praying an entire Rosary for me is a very difficult and draining thing to do.  Many Catholics experience a flow and a grace and they find much peace in its recitation, but that isn't my experience and I know of many others who share my experience.


I believe that this is what the Lord was saying:

When you pass through difficult times in your apostolate and it feels as though you are "walking in darkness"; when the devil comes along to take advantage of the situation by creating havoc, disruption, chaos and destruction in your lives; there is a refuge for you. And I want you to know that one simple "Hail Mary", prayed in faith and with humility can rout the enemy and bring his plans to nothing."

When Marcel and I deciphered the dream, we were so grateful to the Lord for His mercy and compassion because both of us, in fact, find praying the Rosary a difficult thing to do.  But the Lord takes us where we're at and gives great power to any little thing that we do.  He wanted to reassure us that one simple Hail Mary, prayed with trust, confidence and humility can truly bring about great miracles and overcome the plans of the enemy.

So when we find ourselves groping in the darkness and things seem ominous and unclear (dark sky); when the devil seeks to destroy us and our lives (dark tornado); the thing to do is to seek refuge in the Lord (building) and to pray with faith and humility (on the ground). We will find that our little prayer has completely routed the enemy (lack of damage and disappearance of the tornado). 

The dream however did not end on a perfect note with everything taken care of. What we felt the Lord was saying was that even though the devil can be defeated in his evil plans and purposes for us, God can still ask of us to "walk in the darkness of faith".  You see, the dream ended with the sky still being very dark.  But with faith and confidence in our heavenly Father, we know that "this too shall pass" and that we will one day come into the clear light of day, when the Lord deems us ready to do so.

In the meantime, "let us go forward from the point we have each attained" (Phil. 3:16).  For those of us who can pray one Hail Mary, look at what can be accomplished and for those of you who can pray more...Well, if 1 Hail Mary can rout the enemy, then what can 53 of them accomplish, when prayed with great faith and humility?

February 19, 2023 - Just last week, a very lovely couple, Jeremy and Monique, invited us out for breakfast and it was a real treat spending time with them, talking about all sorts of things.  At one point, they shared a video with us and we watched it on their phone.  In this video, a priest recounts the story of a man and what happened to him while he was out jogging.  This story is entitled "The Power of One Hail Mary"  [click on title to watch video] Marcel and I were very touched by the testimony of this man but especially so because I was reminded of this dream that I had exactly 6 years ago!  Through this amazing story, the Lord was assuring me that my dream had definitely been from Him and that my understanding of the dream was correct.  I don't know precisely why the Lord waited six years to do this but I do know that it built up my trust in Him even more and that it brought a greater sense of peace and assurance in my heart that God is indeed teaching me and guiding me through dreams.

Thank you Jeremy and Monique for sharing that video with us.  It was quite providential!

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