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Jesus to St.Mechtilde

Saxon Benedictine nun, c. 1240-1298

"I tell it to you in truth,

it is a great pleasure for Me

that people expect

great things from Me. 

However great is their faith

or presumption,

as much and more still

I will remunerate them

beyond their merits. 

It is indeed impossible

that people don't receive

what they believe and hope for

from My power 

and My mercy."

Conrad De Meester,

"The Power of Confidence", p. 281

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Linda - May 15, 2024 - On Palm Sunday back in March, at communion time, I was asking the Lord to speak to me, even if it was just one word.  And He gave me a was the word "MORE!"  Ever since then, whenever we think of it, Marcel and I will declare the word "More", and when we say it, we mean "more of everything Lord!"  We believe that because He gave us that word, He really, truly wants us to ask Him for more, more of everything, with a great and expectant faith. 


Pentecost is coming this weekend, so we can ask God to pour out upon us all "the more" that His heart wants to lavish on us.  As Jesus explained to St. Mechtilde, it gives Him such great pleasure when we ask great things of Him because it magnifies Him and glorifies His Father.  He always delights in granting us "more".


Mark 11:24

I tell you, therefore, everything you ask and pray for,

believe that you have it already, and it will be yours.

Linda - April 17, 2022We celebrate Easter Sunday for 8 glorious days of Sundays because the Church tells us that we should take the time to rejoice in the knowledge that the power of sin and death over our souls has been completely and unequivocally broken for all of eternity. Our souls have been set free and we are invited to celebrate the fact that we will share in the banquet feast of the Lamb which will be eternal. But that feasting also begins here and now!  


The octave of Easter is a time of great joy and celebration and it culminates with the amazing feast of Divine Mercy, when the "bowels" of Jesus' mercy are completely open.  Divine Mercy Sunday is a day when we really should ask everything imaginable from the Lord because our asking glorifies Him exceedingly.  The Lord loves it when we ask for great things from Him because it's a sign of great trust and confidence on our part.  When we ask for great things, we exalt the Lord with our faith and we really are telling Jesus that we believe He can do all things for us and for all those we bring to Him in prayer.

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