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Liturgical Seasons

Our ultimate destiny will only be completely fulfilled when we gaze upon the Lord - face to face - in all His glory and worship Him for all eternity! Doesn’t it make sense to get a bit of practice in before we cross that threshold into eternity?


As Catholics, we have the very great privilege and blessing of worshipping the Father, through Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit through liturgy. Liturgy is not the only form of prayer and worship - personal prayer in solitude is also vitally important - but worshipping with our brothers and sisters in the Lord gives us a taste of what awaits us in heaven.


These videos highlight certain aspects of worship that are somewhat unique to each liturgical season. We hope these teachings enable you to enter more deeply and deliberately into the special grace of each season. We present them in the order we celebrate them, with every new liturgical year beginning with Advent.


P.S. Thanksgiving isn’t strictly speaking a liturgical season, but all of us are aware that true thanksgiving and gratitude should be directed to God for His goodness and kindness. It made sense to us to include Thanksgiving here.



The Beauty of Advent: Advent is such a beautiful and hopeful liturgical season. It seems to bring a certain dilation of the heart and builds up anticipation for the Christmas season.


Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 9.30.07 AM.png

2017: Our Christmas Prayer for you!

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2018Hope you can find a few minutes to receive this Christmas Blessing, from us to you!


LENT-Who Needs It.png

Lent: Who Needs it? Are you looking for a fresh approach to celebrating LENT?  Then please view this video.

Heart of LENT.jpg

The Heart of Lent. What is truly the heart of Lent? Is it not to increase in faith, hope, trust and love? As Sirach 2:9 says, "You who fear the Lord, hope for those good gifts of his, everlasting joy and mercy.

LENT-Faith-Another level.png

Lent: Going Deeper! The prayers of Ash Wednesday say, "Repent and believe the good news". Lent can be a time when we can add a practice such as exercising our "believing" muscles.

Sr LUCY-TN.jpg

Sr. Lucy of Fatima Reveals 2 Things: On April 20, 1943, Sr. Lucy - one of the seers of Fatima - wrote to the Bishop of Leiria, telling him what God had revealed to her about holiness for the laity.

Mortifications-What & Why_.png

Mortifications: What & Why. For Catholics, Lent is a very graced time and when we practice extra little mortifications (or disciplines) we end up giving God more room to act in our souls.


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Easter Glory: Alleluia! Christ is risen! This reality is so great that Catholics take 8 days to celebrate the one Easter Sunday; that is why it's called the Easter Octave. 

Divine Mercy & Resurrection.png

Easter & Divine Mercy: One Feast.  There is a direct link between Easter and the Feast of Divine Mercy when God tells us to boldly ask for all we need.

Shepherd of Mercy.jpg

The Shepherd of Mercy pursues us, wishing to bless us abundantly. This is why we can trust with great confidence that "surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life" (Psalm 23:6). 



The Holy Spirit, Greatest of Gifts: Pentecost marked a whole new level of gifting when we were "clothed with power from on high" in order to go out into the world and impact the lives of others and bring them into the Kingdom of God.

Power on High.jpg

Power From on High: Jesus - the Word made flesh - used words to fulfill His mission. But what were some of the very last words that He spoke to the disciples before wrapping up His earthly mission?

Baptism of the HS.jpg

Praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit: This video presents a concise explanation of what it is and why it's so important, as well as a prayer asking Jesus for that blessing! (New)

Importance of Baptism of the Holy Spirit.jpg

The Importance of the Baptism in the Spirit: This baptism is spoken of in all four gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. It was also the topic of Jesus' final words to His disciples.

New Beginnings.jpg

New Beginnings: Our God is a God of "new beginnings". History is filled with His new beginnings; many of Jesus' signs and wonders marked new beginnings; the descent of the Holy Spirit was a new beginning; and the list goes on and on.


Yielding to the Gift of Tongues. This 3-part teaching presents 5 reasons why everyone should desire this gift, a simple tip to yield to this gift, and testimonies of this grace at work not only in adults but in a faith-filled 9 year old girl. (New)

Baptism of the Holy Spirit-What is it_.jpg

Baptism in the Spirit: What is it? Jesus - the Word made flesh - used words to fulfill His mission. But what were some of the very last words that He spoke to the disciples before wrapping up His earthly mission?

Baptized with the Holy Spirit.jpg

Baptized with the Holy Spirit: Jesus told his disciples to "wait for the promise of the Father". The promise of the Holy Spirit is mentioned not only in Acts but in all four gospels!



Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude: Want more of God in your life? We propose that two of the most powerful weapons in our warfare prayer arsenal are gratitude and thanksgiving! There is a joy to be found in gratitude.

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 8.16.44 PM.png

5 Reasons to Cultivate Praise:Why should we cultivate praise? Because: God is in control; It is just to do so; God is all-wise; God is all-good; God is all-powerful.

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