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How great and wonderful 

are all your works,

Lord God Almighty;

upright and true

are all your ways,

KING of Nations.

Who does not revere

and glorify your name,


O Lord?

For you alone are holy,

and all nations will come

and adore you

for the many acts of 

saving justice you have shown.


Revelation 15:3

Christ the King Image

Linda - November 21, 2021 Back in 2008, while at prayer, I sensed very clearly the Lord saying, "All will be overthrown".  What the Lord said was short and to the point and even though I understood the meaning of the words, I didn't really know what this meant specifically or what would eventually unfold.  But those words stayed with Marcel and I and we have often pondered them.  Thirteen years later, things are becoming much clearer.  We've already mentioned that a socialist-like ideology is rising and is being unveiled, bringing loss of basic human rights as leaders are enthusiastically embracing a global totalitarian agenda, an agenda that is being driven by the powers and principalities in the heavenly places.

We've also previously written that the world as we knew it almost 2 years ago now, is fast disappearing and is being morphed into a "brave new world" where Christ will no longer be the acknowledged ruler of our lives.  Instead, atheistic humanism is rising up to take His throne in such a way that society as we know it is being slowly dismantled piece by piece, in what is known as deconstructionism. This in turn is a direct attack on our humanity which was created in the image and likeness of God, an attack that the devil has been planning and underwriting for quite a few years.  By having us enthrone our own fallen humanity, he, therefore, will be enthroned and God will be completely pushed aside, ushering in a world without God.  That is his plan.

However, this feast of Christ the King is an opportunity for us to boldly declare Who is the rightful ruler of our planet and the rightful guardian of our souls.  All the different agendas that are, together, gaining momentum even now, such as abortion, "sexual health", the social credit system (already implemented in China), digital passports, mass surveillance and tracking, transhumanism (with animals and with computers through brain chips), cashless society, the Great Reset, extreme censorship, population control, metaverse, medical testing on aborted fetuses, infanticide, etc. will one day, in their turn, be "overthrown" by Our Lord and Our Saviour Jesus Christ. 


Please, let's declare together that Christ, no matter what, is still in total control of this little planet of ours and will one day come to establish once and for all His unending rule as King of All Nations!  The throne has always been and will always be His!  Dear Lord, make it soon, and meanwhile, give us the grace to stand firm in the midst of growing persecution and coercion worldwide so that you may find faith on earth when you return. Grant us wisdom and courage! 

You are the Christ, the Saviour of the World!  Come Lord Jesus!! The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!" (Rev. 22:17) and may "the curse of destruction be abolished" forever, amen! (Rev. 22:3) 

Linda - November 20, 2022 - It has been a year since the time I wrote the comment above and things have definitely not gotten any better.  The darkness continues to grow as more and more people reject God and choose to forsake His ways. The darkness that we are in is, in my estimation, far greater than the one that existed just before Jesus came to earth.  In those days, no one except for the faithful Jews who awaited the Messiah knew that there was a "One, True, God", maker of heaven and earth.  Every single nation on the earth at that time worshipped gods of their making; false gods, idols, demons.  But the nations on earth today are the ones who have known the light of Christ and His liberating message of conversion and salvation for over 2,000 years.  However, we are the generation that is abandoning His ways, His truths and His love, to return to the darkness of paganism and the worshipping of false gods in what is being referred to by some as "the great apostasy".

The ancient gods of Baal, Astarte and Molech have returned in force and are even now possessing the nations, leading them to turn away from the One, True, God by worshiping Baal, to embrace every kind of sexual perversion through Astarte's seduction and to offer up their babies, infants and senior citizens to Molech through abortion and euthanasia.  These ancients gods are back; the very gods that prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah were always preaching against because they seduced the Israelites and caused them to prostitute themselves to pagan gods.  These demon-gods are assaulting our generation and leading a multitude into syncretism and a new form of paganism. Many in the world are giving themselves over to this darkness and many also within the Church, from the highest to the lowest.  A directee of mine told me recently that there are women at her church who pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet but who believe in abortion and embrace the whole new sexual agenda. This is but one of the signs that our nations and some of our churches have been taken over by these idols.

It is up to the faithful remnant to declare that there is only One, True, God, that there is only one Saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of all Nations and that this King will one day return to set everything right. We continue to hope in the words the Lord once told Jeremiah: "Tell them this, "the gods who did not make the heavens and the earth will vanish from the earth and from under these heavens. (Jr. 10:11). Amen! Let it be so!

Revelation 21:121-13

Look, I am coming soon, and my reward is with me, 

to repay everyone as their deeds deserve.

I am the Alpha and the Omega,

the First and the Last,

the Beginning and the End.

Jeremiah 10:7

Who would not revere you, King of nations?

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