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"The War" Dream

Linda Dion
July 2022

If you remember, we posted a dream by Valérie, a dear friend of ours, entitled "The Transport Truck" Dream. This dream is one her husband had at the end of May 2022,  about 1 month after hers. He granted me permission to post his dream which is a real blessing because it helps to illustrate how God will often speak similar messages to spouses in order to strengthen them and warn them of possible hitches and glitches and attacks from the enemy.  It seems like he was giving them both a kind of "heads-up" about upcoming events, which proves how much He wants His people to be on the alert so that they don't get tripped up by any plans of the enemy.

Herb wrote that the dream took place at night and it had a kind of dark and gloomy tint to it.  He also wrote that the dream was all in black and white and felt like "The Hound of the Baskervilles", a Sherlock Holmes story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

When we have a black and white dream, it's a clear indication from the Lord that we are either in or heading into a time of spiritual warfare.  The Lord was in fact preparing Herb, warning Him that an attack was upon Him and that he would need to fight the enemy, "to the death".  His dream is entitled very simply and accurately "The War" Dream.

I am in a cabin by myself at night.  There are windows, but no curtains. I am ducked down by the back door in the kitchen. (Picture Kevin McCallister in Home Alone). I hear lots of noise outside besides regular forest sounds. I see one person dressed like a soldier ready for combat.  He is approaching with a ''mini-missile'' and pointing this weapon upwards.

I am puzzled as to why  the soldier is approaching the cabin with a weapon. I wonder how I will defend myself.  I look around the kitchen.  Over by the sink on the floor I see a handgun.  It wasn’t there before.  So I quietly crawl over to pick it up.  When I have it in my hand and turn around, I see a guerilla soldier standing at the window with his weapon pointing towards me..   I see his face but I am not sure if the soldier sees me because it is dark.  The soldier backs up as if he is going to fire.  So I shoot the gun and hit him in the forehead.  He falls on the back side of the door.  I swing the door open to check if he is alive.  I put the gun  in my pocket and pick up the dead soldier's weapon.


There are more soldiers coming.  They are yelling. I see some torch lights coming from their weapons, and there are 2 or 3 guys approaching.. I head towards them and fire 3 shots towards the lights with the dead soldier's weapon. It backfires but all 3 shots went off.  Everything is dark and gone silent.

Refuse to live in offense.

If I move in offense, I then fight the challenge with their tools which puts us on a level playing field and whenever you with the devil on his field, you lose.

With respect to the gun which Herb picks up in his hand, it’s just a handgun, but maybe you could call it a pistol.

I don’t remember you giving me any specific feedback about this dream; no extra notes.

Herb thinks, ‘’God wants me to be on guard and prepared’’.  Prepared for what?  Not sure…

These questions remain: Why is this dream taking place in the bush? W

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