God is truth and therefore His word is also always true.

This means that we can trust God wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

His words, mediated through the scriptures, the saints and other masters of the spiritual life,

have inspired, encouraged and strengthened Marcel and I throughout the years with the truth that they contained.

We hope that these truths, anointed as they are by the Spirit, would refresh you, bless you and speak prophetically

into your lives, so that you may go forth, anointed by God, to move in "signs and wonders" for the building up of His kingdom and for the joy that awaits you as you continue to fulfill your mission and destiny in Christ.

The scriptures and words chosen are meant to be pondered and contemplated.  Because we can now get everything at the touch of a button and at incredible speed, we can tend to treat the things of God with the same expectations and attitudes.  We tend towards consumerism rather than dive into contemplation, which is something that requires time.  The images used in these inspirations were very deliberately chosen, not just because they might be cute

or beautiful, but because they reflect the truth and the reality contained in the words that accompany them. 

These too must be pondered, contemplated, gazed upon so that we come to a place where we can see and discern

the very glory  of God in His creatures, creatures that also "speak" to us of deeper truths and realities.

Finally, we have intentionally refrained from adding too many comments or reflections
on the scriptures, quotes or passages.

We wish the words and the images to speak the truth on their own, because these words contain life; and this very life and light of God that they reflect can heal, strengthen, encourage and build up, all on their own.  They truly effect

a change in our souls and in our spirits, a change that leads us on the road towards holiness of life.

 Many blessings upon your journey!


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St. Pope John Paul II

Bl. Alan de La Roche TN

Bl. Alan de la Roche

Jesus to St. Mechtilde TN

Jesus to St. Mechtilde

Mountain 6.jpg

J.P. de Caussade

Chrysostom TN

St. John Chrysostom

St. Thérèse p.177 TN

St. Thérèse de Lisieux

Luke 17_6 TN

Luke 17:5-6

Mat.15_28 TN

Matthew 15:28

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 5.12.05 PM.png

Isaiah 40:31

Psalm 92 TN

Psalm 92:14-15

Revelation 5_5, 12 TN

Revelation 5:5,12

Phil.4_4 TN

Philippians 4:4

Prayer- TN

Peter Kreeft

Ezekiel 47_9 TN

Ezekiel 47:9

Fr. d'Elbée p.208 TN

Fr. d'Elbée

St. Elizabeth p.125 TN

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Hosea 2_16,21-22 TN

Hosea 2:16, 21-22

Mark 10_14-15 TN

 Mark 10:14-15

Nativity 2 TN

Matthew 1:22-23

Three Wise Men TN

Matthew 2:9-10

Advent_Third Sunday TN

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Matthew 6 TN

Matthew 6:25-26,31,34

Merton p.180 TN

Thomas Merton

CCC 2003 TN

Catechism #2003

Merton p.31 TN

Thomas Merton

Poemen p.99 TN

Abba Poemen

Chautard TN

Dom Chautard

Solanus Casey TN

Bl. Solanus Casey

St. Catherine of Genoa TN

St. Catherine of Genoa

Fr. DeGrandis TN

Fr. R. DeGrandis

St. Thérèse TN

St. Thérèse de Lisieux

Lady Julian TN

Lady Julian of Norwich

1 Pet. 2_9 TN

1 Peter 2:9

John Paul II-TN

St. John Paul II

Henri Nouwen TN

Henri J.M. Nouwen

Psalm 37 TN

Psalm 37:4

Matthew 21_16 TN

Matthew 21:16

A Monk p.26 TN

A Monk


St. Pope John Paul II

Psalm 107 TN

Psalm 107:21-22

Luke 2_8,16 TN

Luke 2:8,16

Advent_Christmas Image

Bl. Marie-Eugène

Advent_Second Sunday TN

Dom Hubert Van Zeller

Visitation TN

Luke 1:46,48

Psalm 46_10 TN

Psalm 46:10

Marie-Eugène p.110 TN

Bl. Marie-Eugène

d'Elbée p.208-209 TN

Abba Poemen

Catherine p.63 TN

St. Catherine of Siena

de Caussade p.24 TN

J.P. de Caussade

Hermit p.87 TN

A Hermit

Jesus & Jairus TN

Luke 8:50,55

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.47.11 PM.png

St. Peter of Damaskos

St. John TN

St. John of the Cross

Matthew 11_ 28-30 TN

Matthew 11: 28-30

Joel 3_ 1-2 TN

Joel 3:1-2

Job 5_9

Job 5:9

Revelation 5_5 TN

Revelation 5:5

Hosea 2_16 TN

Hosea 2:16,17

Fr. d'Elbée p.23 TN

Fr. d'Elbée

St. Catherine TN

St. Catherine of Siena

Psalm 72 TN

Psalm 72:7-8

Christ the King TN

Revelation 15:3

Wise Men TN

Matthew 2:11

Advent_Fourth Sunday TN

Peter Kreeft

Advent-First Sunday TN

A Monk

Annunciation TN

Luke 1:38