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Prophetic Insights

Many think of prophets as predictors of doom and gloom but such a secular view betrays a very limited understanding of prophecy.  The prophet, as seen in the Scriptures, is first and foremost a "watchman", that is, someone called by God to "watch" and to "see".  The watchman must then declare to the body of Christ what God enables them to see, helping people take action to either combat a nefarious plan of the enemy or to welcome and enable God's plans, thus helping to establish His Kingdom on earth.  To watch and see is always a gift to the people of God.

This section of the website features a collection of articles, news, dreams, and videos of prophetic insights to help us get a pulse on what the Lord is doing in the midst of our own generation and in our particular historical context, wherever we happen to live.

Since all of us, by virtue of our baptism are now priests, prophets and kings, we have been anointed to discern the signs of the times and to then take action by direct intervention or by prayer.

Habakkuk 2:1

“I will take my stand to watch,

And station myself on the tower;

And look forth to see what the Lord will say to me…” 

Genesis 26_12-14 TN

Genesis 26:12-14.  This prophetic passage of scripture is a source of comfort for the times in which we live. (April 2024) (New)

Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 20.37.53.png

Ralph Martin Video. Ralph reviews recent actions of Church leaders, particularly the appointment of Archbishop Fernandez as head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. (July 2023) 

The Anti-Church TN

"The Anti-Church" Dream Post.  Could this dream reflect Pope St John Paul II's prophecy delivered in 1976 during a visit to the United States?  (November 2018) 

Lion in the Sky TN

"The Lion in the Sky" Dream Post. Could the "Rider of the Heavens" be promising to come to our rescue?  We believe this to be a prophetic dream, for our times! (May 2017) 

Flooded Lot TN

"The Flooded Parking Lot" Dream Post.  A friend of ours was given this very timely dream where God shows her the part she needs to play as world events unfold. (September 2020)

Bunker Dream TN

"Bunker" Dream Post. This is a dream about a group of people, a cellar, food and a cat! (February 2019)

Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 11.41.32 AM.png

Proverbs 28:1. As wickedness and global unrest grow, this scripture brings comfort and courage. (March 2022)

Prayer is Warfare TN

"Prayer is Warfare" Dream Post. A lion comes into a classroom and speaks three words to one of the students. (March  2007) 

Lawless TN

"Lawlessness" Dreams.  God has something to say about the condition of our world in these 2 dreams: we have become like Sodom and Gomorrah. 

The Phone Call TN

"The Phone Call" Dream.  In this dream, the dreamer receives a message from 'someone' through a landline telephone, telling of a coming outpouring of the Spirit.

Storm Trooper Camp TN

"Storm Troopers" Dream Post.  This generation of believers will need to be the "crack troops" of the Kingdom of God on earth. (July 2019)

Help on the way TN

"Help On the Way" Dream Post. A prophetic dream with a promise of heavenly help. (March 2016)

Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 20.39.10.png

Dr. Leslyn Lewis explains why the  proposed new treaty with the WHO - coming up this May - is dangerous to our national sovereignty in the area of public health. (March 2024) (New)

The Anti-Gospel TN

"The Anti-Gospel" Dream Post. In this dream, God was revealing that material would be published that would be contrary to the True Gospel. (December 2022) 

Sauternes Dream TN

"Sauternes" Dream Post.  God gives the dreamer a prophetic dream that includes an open door and an expensive wine. (December 2023) 

The Holy Spirit TN

"The Holy Spirit" Dream Post.  This is a dream where the dreamer declares the coming of a future event.  (July 2018)

The Watchmen on the Wall TN

"Watchmen on the Wall" Dream Post. Who are the modern-day watchmen on the wall and what is their mission within the Church? (July 2018)

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