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Genesis 26:12-14

Isaac sowed his crops in that country,

and that year

he reaped a hundredfold. 

Yahweh blessed him

and the man became rich;

he prospered more and more

until he was very rich indeed. 

Linda - April 29, 2024 - Since I gave my life to the Lord over 38 years ago, I have read my bible cover to cover at least a dozen times, if not more. So many passages are highlighted and underlined with stars in the margins but this passage had never really struck me until a few weeks ago.

Not much is said about Isaac compared to his father Abraham or his son Jacob so he is a bit of a mystery, but this passage of scripture reveals much about his relationship with God.  What the Lord opened my eyes to is that, yes, Isaac sowed his seed and reaped a hundredfold, but he did this during a year of drought and famine.  Just like his father Abraham had done during a famine in his lifetime, Isaac had planned to go to Egypt to survive this calamity.  But he prayed and sought the Lord, only to have God say to him to remain in Canaan where he was.  

This was definitively counterintuitive and contrary to human logic, but Isaac trusted in God's revealed wisdom and stayed in Gerar.  He was led, by God, to sow seed in soil struck with dryness and somehow...somehow...the crops grew!  And he reaped a hundredfold!  The chapter even goes on to say that "the Philistines began to envy him" (Gen.26:14).

I immediately knew God was revealing something to Marcel and I, something I had never seen before.  Of course, there is a lesson to be learned here about "sowing" spiritually even though we are experiencing trials and setbacks but I felt that there was more. 


There is no doubt that we are living in dark times and that they are definitely getting darker.  Taking into consideration the 5 areas of difficulty now on earth which are religion, politics, economics, war and geo-physical occurrences, and adding to that the whole issue of AI and trans-humanism, we have what has been called "the perfect storm".  It is here and growing, and we are headed deeper into it.


So why did God reveal to me the meaning of this passage in Genesis 26, and why now? 


My sense - as well as Marcel's - is that God wants us all to know that in the midst of the growing darkness that is trying to cover the earth, God wants us to stay and stand and follow His promptings.  He wants us to seek His wisdom so that we will know what to do and when to do it.  He is saying that as things continue to devolve and disintegrate, as everything is overthrown, we who seek Him in prayer will sow according to His will and will reap "our crop".  He wants us to know that we can prosper, and grow, and be fruitful, and multiply in every area of our lives so that like Isaac, we can reap a hundredfold even in difficult and troubled times. He wants us to be at peace, unafraid, trusting and confident in Him.

He wants us to know that He will make us thrive in the midst of the growing global storm.  He wants us to know that just as there was darkness in Egypt, there was "light" in Goshen.  We are in the light.  We are the children of God, redeemed by Jesus.  We stay.  We stand firm.  We reap our reward.  Just like in Isaac's time, where the Philistines saw the difference between themselves and Isaac's family, there will be a noticeable difference between the children of the darkness and the children of the Light. Our Father will take care of us and take us through these trials.  He will provide for us and protect us.  He will anoint us with more of the Holy Spirit (see "Sauternes" Dream post)

Genesis 26 is a very, very encouraging passage that we can all take to heart and I believe this is the reason why God brought revelation through that scripture, now, in these days, and why Marcel and I are releasing it now.  

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