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Dreams & Revelation

Proverbs 25:2 says that "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."  This passage of scripture very accurately describes the search that we, as beloved children of our heavenly Father, must embark upon in order to understand the ways of God in our personal lives and in the lives of all our loved ones.  We do this first of all through prayer, but also through scripture and good books, through our sacramental life and through other and varied means.  But Linda and I also take into account our dream life because we're convinced that God speaks to us through that means. It's been such an exciting journey as we've endeavoured to "search out the matter" by writing down our dreams and taking the time to ponder them and talking to God about them. This obviously involves time and effort, but Jesus Himself promised us that those who seek will find!

Dreams are night parables, riddles or enigmas if you will, that contain a precious, hidden treasure.  When we interpret them correctly, they can become agents of change in our lives because through them God instructs, guides, encourages, warns, and forms us.  God really enjoys communicating with us and doing so, even while we sleep, isn't a problem for Him.

In order to encourage you in your own relationship with God through dreams, we are developing this "mini-course" where you can learn how to decode dreams and apply the message to your lives.  We personally have found it to be a very exciting journey!

The videos below all build one upon another. In this first section we begin by giving some foundational information on dreams in general and then move on to the 20 most common types of dreams, followed by 20 different categories of dreams.

In the second section, you will find videos that explain the symbolic meaning of different dream elements.

Finally, in the third section, you will find real, "live" dreams that people have had and the interpretation that we've come up with. 

Dream Basics, Types & Categories:

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Dreams: God's Unique Language: God reaches out to us in a myriad of ways. Dreams, one of God's "languages" is one of the most exciting languages that we can learn.

Dreams-One of a Kind Gifts.png

Dreams: One-of-a-kind Gifts: Since God created all of humanity with a capacity to dream, will we accept the totally unique, custom-made, one-of-a-kind gift that dreams are to each of us? 

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20 Most Common Dreams: A list of the 20 most common types of dreams that people around the world have. 

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Dream Categories 11-15. Here are 5 more dream categories to help you put your dreams in the proper context and therefore assure greater success in your interpretation of their contents.

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God, Prophets, Dreams & Visions: We have been baptized into Christ, so we too are now priest, prophet and king which is why the passage from Numbers 12:6, on prophets and dreams, applies to all of us. 

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The Concealed Meaning of Dreams:
Since God created dreams as a means of communicating with us, why does He often make them difficult to interpret?

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Dream Categories 1-5. There are about 20 categories of dreams and we begin our series with the first 5. Knowing the source and the kind of a dream we've had can be of great help in determining its meaning.

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Dream Categories 16-20. Our final 5 dream categories to round out some of the basics you need to know in order to interpret your dreams and understand the guidance that the Lord is revealing to you.


Dreams: Their Vital Importance: "Unopened" dreams are like unopened mail; we fail to receive God's message.

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Top 3 Tips for Interpretation: Since God often speaks symbolically in these night messages, it is useful to understand 3 basic principles in dream interpretation.

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Dream Categories 6-10. We present 5 more dream categories - such as a dark dreams for example - that will help you to decipher their meaning much more accurately.

Dream Elements:

When God sends us a dream, He uses everything that is part of creation and part of our lives to get His message across.  This means that people, animals, buildings, vehicles, colours, flowers, plants and food can all be used to convey His will, guidance, protection and warnings into our lives.  Jesus used the same approach teaching parables to the crowds. Those who came to understand the parables were those who asked the Lord - in a more intimate setting - to explain the symbolic meaning of these stories.  And the Lord graciously taught them because He saw their hunger to learn and to understand.


It's the same with us.  The first decoder of dreams is of course, the Holy Spirit and it's Him we need to consult first of all.  But we also need skill.  Upon awakening from a dream, we will obviously wonder what it means, but the most frequently asked question is, "What do the pictures mean?  And that's where the study of dream elements comes in.  The symbolic meaning of each element can come from our own lives, our preferences, our culture but most importantly, from scripture.

We've started producing videos on some very common dream elements that people find in their night parables to help you on your journey towards understanding the metaphorical and symbolic language of God.  You can also visit our dream posts for further instruction.


Colours: God created the universe with beautiful colours and He also uses them in our dreams! The first 7 colours are: black, white, amber, blue, brown, gold, green.

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In this second video on buildings we cover such symbols as: hotels, hospitals, churches and garages.

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Bathroom dreams are probably common to most people on the planet! Discover their meaning and why you have good reason to be grateful for them! They can have quite an impact on your spiritual life.


Colours manifest something of God's heart and they are part of God's language in our dreams. With this in mind, we present seven more colours: grey, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, yellow.


In the Gospels, the Lord is known as "Rabboni" - "Teacher" and to this day, Jesus continues to teach us, even through our dreams! Learn about: schools, shops, restaurants and office buildings.

TN-Snake Video.png

Snake dreams. Snakes making an appearance in your dream may be disconcerting, but through such a dream the Lord may be giving you an important 'heads up', for which you'll be very grateful. (New video)

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Buildings are another symbol that often appears in dreams. Learn what houses, castles, cottages, barns and warehouses symbolize.

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Learn the symbolic meaning of: malls, theatres, repair shops and gas stations. This video also includes the interpretation of an actual dream involving a gas station.

Actual Dreams & Interpretations:

In this section, you will find dreams that real, live people have been given by a wise, good and loving Father.  These are dreams that either Linda or I have had and that friends and subscribers have sent in so we could share them with you.
We recount the dream and then help you to understand the message by teaching you how to interpret the meaning of all the elements that make up the storyline and also how to put it all together. There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit is the One we should consult immediately as we try to decipher our dreams, but there is also a great amount of study needed to acquire the skill of interpretation and its application into our lives.

We hope to eventually produce more videos on dreams that biblical or historical persons have had, where God helped to guide, instruct and warn His people. Looking at those dreams and studying them reveals the ways of God to us.

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"Number 19" Dream: The real key to interpreting this dream was the discovery that God was using a play on words in order to grant us greater assurance that He was with us.

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 7.30.59 PM.png

"The Coloured Pants" Dream: What do pants symbolize in a dream? Join Marcel as he relates the dream and breaks down its components in order to decipher the message that God, in His goodness, was sending us.

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 4.34.52 PM.png

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream: In the second year of his reign, this great king had a dream that none of his magicians could interpret. But the young Jewish lad Daniel did.

Dreams-Angelic Protection.png

"Angelic Protection" Dream: In the midst of darkness, confusion and persecution, draw hope and courage from a dream given by the Lord over five years ago where He sends an angel to the rescue.

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 9.34.04 AM.png

"Orange Balm" Dream: Why would God grant a dream about lip balm and oranges? Marcel explains the symbolism contained in the dream elements and the message God was conveying.

Dreams-Two Prophetic.png

Two Prophetic Dreams. In 2016, Marcel dreamed about a coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  In 2018, I (Linda) also had a dream in which I declare a coming of the Holy Spirit in power. 

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