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​These good folks know us and our ministry personally; some more recently, some for decades.
Their testimonies illustrate God’s faithfulness and goodness in touching hearts and changing lives

even through weak and inadequate vessels like us. To God be the glory!

Chris Keyes

May this serve as a heartfelt and unqualified recommendation of Magnificat Ministries and its co-founders,  Marcel and Linda Dion, whom I have known personally for over 25 years...

Kathie Borys

I have been receiving direction from Linda for the past 4 years...Linda is a deeply prayerful woman with a true gift for mentoring. Through prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit...

Michel G. MacDonald

I have known Marcel and Linda Dion for 25 years.  
They are fully committed to the new evangelization and the formation of faithful Christian disciples. Their ministry is grounded in a deep prayer life...

Rev. Robert Bedard

Marcel’s ministry is nothing short of anointed. When he teaches, all ears are tuned in. When he does music, the attendees enter in with great enthusiasm. He also has a remarkable knack...

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