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"Lawlessness" Dreams

Linda Dion
March 3, 2024

In the early morning of December 16, 2013 during the Advent Season, I had a very disturbing dream and I just didn't understand why the Lord would give me such a dream.  Ten years later, Marcel and I can see that this dream was prophetic of the very days in which we now live.  

In my dream, I was perusing a newspaper and on the front page, there was a picture of 2 men being sexually intimate.  I was absolutely astounded and thought, "This is how far things have come!"  The picture and article had been expressly inserted to teach men how to proceed in homosexual intimacy.  It was so disgusting and yet so sad!

I now see how prophetic my dream was.  At the time, Marcel and I just couldn't really wrap our heads around such a reality; it was so beyond our ability to even fathom.  I wrote the dream down as I do with every dream I have, and then I let it go, not really knowing why the Lord was showing me this.  However, as events unfolded over time, I couldn't help but see how the dream was becoming more and more of a reality.    


We have mentioned this before, but since the lockdown in March of 2020, we have seen a veritable explosion of sexual depravity in North America and other countries worldwide.  It's really astounding how quickly morality has shifted not only in the world but also within the very heart of the Church.  What is happening now is a very well planned and executed strategic war against the Word of God.  The ancient gods that plagued Israel in the Old Testament - Baal, Ishtar and Molech - are back in force, bringing nations to their knees in adoration.  Their flags, statues and rites are being embraced more and more.  This war against the commandments, against the nature of the family and more importantly, against the very nature of our beings, made in the image and likeness of God, is shifting the landscape at an alarming rate.


What the Lord was showing me in my dream - though at the time disgusting - has literally come to pass.  Not just in newspapers but in children's books, school curriculum and even churches. Through this dream, the Lord was giving me a "headline" of what was coming in the near future. He wanted me to know what was coming and where the battle would be waged.  It was also a call to intercession.

A few months ago, we went out for brunch with dear friends of ours - Michael and Michelle Lotan- and we were of course discussing the state of the world and world events.  Michael then proceeded to share a dream he'd just had and when I heard it, I knew it was a kind of continuation of the dream that I'd had 10 years ago.  The following is Michael's dream which I entitled "Sodom & Gomorrah":

Suddenly I found myself in a very dark place resembling a community square.


It was very dark – almost pitch black.What stood out was the distant horizon. It was a hazy orange, as if the sun or some other source of light was coming to an end. There were no discernable sounds of life except those coming from the large building on my right. The square was dark cobble stones and I noticed that I was on a small hill which sloped downwards away from of me.


There were buildings around the square, but they were all dark with the exception of the one mentioned. The doors were open, and I could see that inside was a wall of fire at the far end of the interior. There were dancers and music as well. That was the only source of sound.


I walked over to the building. I was immediately met by a dark figure whose face I could not make out. He greeted me, and asked me if I was joining the crowd. It was very boisterous but I could not make out the faces.


He asked me if I wanted to go upstairs. I thought why not, so I followed him. We arrived in a large open room without furniture. It had a wooden floor and the walls looked like stone. In the room a group of people were all naked in what can best be described as a ball of human beings engaged in frantic grotesque sexual activities. He asked me if I wished to join the group. I replied that I just wanted to leave. Which is what I did. I left the building and made my way down the edge of the square amid all the garbage and residue that was there. There were disturbing sounds coming from some of the dark buildings I passed.


The garbage mentioned corresponded to what one would see at the time and place - stone, broken pottery, human excrement…

I had a sudden feeling that I did not want to stay in the dream, and woke up.




When I woke up, I thought about the dream. I came to the conclusion it may have been a dream involving a visit to either Sodom or Gomorrah as they were in ancient times. That would have been before their destruction by God.


Next day, as is my habit, I went on YouTube. In a remarkable coincidence a podcast came up with an archeologist who had spent a great deal of his life studying Sodom and Gomorrah. He described the difficulty of actually finding the site undertaken by others. They apparently had been looking in the wrong spot at the end of the Dead Sea. In addition, before I started my dictation, I went to Google and looked up some more information to corroborate what I hadn’t  already discovered. There is a lot of information there in terms of history of time, details recorded in the Bible, and the results of archeologists over the years engaged in the search. The period was about 4000 years ago.

The Lord granted Michael quite an experience in showing him that the state of the world today is akin to what was going on in Sodom and Gomorrah.  What the Lord showed me in my dream was but a fraction of what is going on 10 years later.  In Michael's dream the Lord is very clear in stating that things have gotten much worse. All the symbolism is there:  the very dark night, the sun looking like it's dying (as in the Chronicles of Narnia), the fires of hell, the sexual depravity, the trash in the streets, the odd sounds and voices coming from the buildings.  All of these are symbols of the state of decay that is in our world.  

These dreams tend to leave us hanging and perhaps somewhat oppressed because there is no solution.  We simply see something.  And when that happens, the Lord wants to confirm what we actually see in waking life; the true condition of our world at the present moment.  The Lord never shows us anything without having some important reason for it, so when He gives us these sorts of dreams, it's usually because He wants to move our hearts into intercession on behalf of all the lost souls out there who are buying into this kind of life.  He's also showing us one of the greater fronts on which the battle between good and evil is being waged in our present age.  It really is a battle for our very identity as children of God, redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ and all of us - without any doubt - have been created specifically "for such a time as this" to stand our ground in Christ and "hold the line" in Truth.

Revelation 22:14-15

Blessed are those who will have washed their robes clean, so that they will have the right to feed on the tree of life and can come through the gates into the city.  Others must stay outside: dogs, fortune-tellers, and the sexually immoral, murderers, idolaters, and everyone of false speech and false life.

1 Timothy 2:1-4

I urge then, first of all that petitions, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving should be offered for everyone, for kings and others in authority, so that we may be able to live peaceful and quiet lives with all devotion and propriety.  To do this is right, and acceptable to God our Saviour: he wants everyone to be saved and reach full knowledge of the truth.

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