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"Lion in the Sky" Dream

Linda Dion
March 13, 2022

Have you ever had the experience of waking up in the morning feeling so tired that you just need to have a bit more sleep?  This is what happened to me one morning, so I lay down again, uttering a few prayers.  Even though my eyes were closed I hadn't been aware of having fallen asleep again, but that is when I had a dream...a very memorable dream.  It was the kind of dream where you feel that you're still awake somehow.  These are called lucid dreams and we often have them in the early morning hours when it seems that we're hovering in that "twilight zone" between deep sleep and an awakened state.  The dream was as follows:

I was standing on the grass next to a sidewalk lining a city street. Marcel was behind me and I seemed to be standing higher; maybe I was standing on a kind of platform.  I was looking up at the sky which was filled with clouds; not storm clouds but white, fluffy clouds.  And there were lots of them.  Suddenly the clouds parted and I saw a big, beautiful, golden lion loping through the sky from left to right.  He was magnificent!  Then, without my seeing how it happened, the lion had become the finger of God, touching a man's hand, as in Michelangelo's painting except that the image was reversed; God was reaching out with His right hand, from the left-hand side (so with the back of his right hand facing me), to Adam's open right hand, as he was reaching out to God from the right-hand side.  It seemed as though God wanted to clasp the man's hand as he was reaching out to Him.  And I was still seeing this up in the sky.


Then I was in a car.  I seemed to be able to see really well out of the windows, as though they were bigger than usual.  A whole bunch of young people who reminded me of my students from over 30 years ago were standing on the sidewalk.  They hadn't believed me when I had recounted that I had seen that beautiful lion in the sky because they hadn't seen anything themselves. These young people were shaking their heads, smiling in disbelief and touching their finger to their heads with that gesture that clearly states "crazy!"

I kept insisting that I had truly seen this amazing sight in the sky!  The sense in the dream was that many people had been told there would be an apparition but that not many had seen it because of their unbelief.

I had this dream on May 23, 2017, over 5 years ago and this is the first time that I share it publicly.  Marcel and I feel that with all the unfolding events of the past few years, now is the time to put it before you for your own discernment.  We believe this dream to be prophetic and that God meant it as a great encouragement for us to keep believing in all the promises of a divine intervention upon the earth and into our human affairs.

I understand the meaning of the different symbols in the dream but I really don't know what the whole dream specifically means or its application in our lives.  Perhaps it's one of those dreams where the revelation will come after the fact, or maybe when the Lord intervenes, we'll understand it as events unfold, but however it turns out, it's clear that the dream elements weren't literal but highly symbolic.    

So how do we break down this dream? 


Well, the first thing we do is to find the Focus and that would be me. One of the details connected to me would be Marcel (not that he's a detail in my life! 😄) and because he's standing behind me, this means that he's standing with and for me and that "he's got my back".  Now that's a comforting thought!


Next come the 3 Sub-Focuses which are:

1. The Lion: He was absolutely magnificent with strength, majesty and vibrancy emanating from him in abundance!


There are two Details connected to the lion; one was his golden colour that symbolizes his glory and royalty.  The second detail was that he was in the skies, which reminded me of the scripture verse, "Sing to God, play music to his name, build a road for the Rider of the Clouds". (Ps 68:4)  Once again, the skies and the clouds evoke a sense of majesty, magnificence and glory and they speak of something that is heavenly and of divine origin.


2. The two handsThe hand on the left was God's hand and the hand on the right was a man's hand.  When I saw this happen in the dream, I immediately thought of the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, a painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel but it was clear that the hands were in 'reverse', so to speak.

Since I've had the dream, I've often pondered the meaning of that symbol.  Why did God choose to show me the hands in that position rather than in the one as in the painting?  There had to be a significant reason why God chose such a depiction.  The one thing that has come to mind since then is that perhaps God has the intention of "re-creating" us, of coming to our rescue (as in the verse below, from Deuteronomy) to "refashion" mankind.  No one can doubt that in our days, all of creation is crying out to God, hoping for some kind of heavenly intervention into the darkness that is enveloping our world.  We are truly in desperate need of God coming to us, to clasp our hands and say, "I'm here. Have faith. I can renew all things by my power" (his right hand).  He will touch us not on our left hand (as in the original painting) - which points to our calling in Him - but He will take us by our right hand (which is the hand that symbolizes strength and faith).  Through this image, He was perhaps saying that He will one day come to intervene on earth and that as we reach out to Him in faith (right hand), He will reach out to us by His power, take hold of us and renew us by His love and mercy.

3. The people on the sidewalkThe scene then shifts.  I'm in a car and all the people outside on the sidewalk think I'm crazy because they didn't see anything.  I'm vehemently declaring that something did happen, but they don't believe me.  I believe that symbol is pretty much self-explanatory.  The fact that they're my old students, but grown up could point to people who are perhaps more immature, not as faith-filled - something to that effect.  But the point is, they could have witnessed the event in the sky but in the dream, the sense is that they didn't have the faith to see it.  They were in a state of unbelief.  It was clear in the dream that anyone who had wanted to see it could have seen it.  All they needed to do was to go outside and wait in faith for it to happen.

Lion in the Sky Image

This is the original painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  As you can see, the hand of God is on the right and Adam's hand is on the left.


In my dream, God's hand is on the left and Adam's hand is on the right.  The sense was that these two hands were reaching out to each other.

It really was a wonderful dream, even though the ending wasn't quite comfortable for me.  Marcel and I believe it's a prophetic dream of something the Lord wants to do for us all and I hope that by publishing this dream, you might be encouraged by it.  So many of us have heard prophecies from around the world and throughout the centuries telling us of some divine intervention.  We just hope that the Rider of the Heavens, the Lion of Judah comes soon, because we are in such dire straits!  As the Catechism states;  "The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God's victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven." (Cat. #677)  Since it's only a heavenly intervention that will set everything straight, the church militant continually cries out, "Maranatha Lord Jesus"!!  The Spirit and the Bride say come!! 


Until this divine intervention, what we need to do is stand - just like Marcel and I (and others) were doing in the dream.  We need to stand firm in hope.  We need to look up in faith.  We need to look not just with our natural eyes - as those students had done in the dream - but with supernatural eyes. We need to look to the heavens, which is where our help comes from.  

We must stand.  We must stand!!  And be still.  In faith. In hope.  We must look up! We must believe that God is God over the whole world (Psalm, 46:10).  Jesus will come as the Rider of the Heavens and as the Lion of Judah to defeat the globalist agenda which is even now enveloping the whole world to enslave us in its tyranny.  But the Lion will roar and He will come to our rescue to set us free and to renew the face of the earth!!  The Lion is coming!

Deuteronomy 33:26

No one is like the God of Jeshurun:

he rides the heavens to your rescue,

rides the clouds in his majesty!

Isaiah 41:13

For I, Yahweh, your God,

I grasp you by your right hand;

I tell you, 'Do not be afraid,

I shall help you.'

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