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Ralph Martin - Where We Are Being Led

Linda Dion
April 7, 2024

Dr. Ralph Martin is well known to so many of us who have been in the Charismatic Renewal.  He was founder of the Word of God Community as well as co-founder of the Sword of the Spirit association of covenant communities.  He is also founder and president of an apostolate called Renewal Ministries that reaches out globally and has had a tremendous impact on many generations of believers.  His book "Crisis of Truth" first published in 1982 and his most recent book "A Church in Crisis-Pathways Forward" recently published in 2020 are quite prophetic in addressing the times in which we live.

Recently, I was led to the videos linked below, in which Ralph Martin's reflections seemed to confirm the dreams shared in three recent posts, also linked below.  He does clearly state where we are being led, but also offers us hope in the midst of growing darkness.

Released 9 months ago

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 3.19.39 PM.png

Released April 24, 2024

"Lawlessness" Dreams

"The Anti-Church" Dream

"The Anti-Gospel" Dream

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