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"Flooded Lot" Dream

Linda Dion
January 10, 2021

Our dear friend France allowed us once again to post a dream that she had at the end of September 2020.  You will recall perhaps that she was the recipient of a beautiful and exciting dream back in January of last year entitled "The Turquoise Car" (see post).  We hope that, apart from teaching you how to interpret dreams, this post will encourage you to believe that God can speak prophetically to anyone, even to 'ordinary' folks like you and me!  France entitled her dream, "Flooded Parking Lot" and this is how she relates her dream:

"I'm in what I believe to be a school, looking out through the glass front doors.  It's raining a lot.  I go outside to observe it and I see that it's a very heavy rain that starts flooding the parking lot in front of the school. It's going above the curb and higher but it doesn't get to the school.  There is still a bit of green grass over to the left of the school for us to walk on.  As the rain starts subsiding, I call a friend over to look at the weird break in the clouds.  There seems to be a reflection of the earth in the clouds, almost like a mirror or an upside down lake.  I say to my friend "How is that happening?"  The reflection is a beautiful scene of the earth, like a postcard picture.  

In the dream I was not afraid of the rain, but it was not a lovely summer rain, it was a heavy, heavy rain with dark clouds."


As soon as France related the dream to me, I immediately thought that this was a prophetic dream.  When I commented on my sense, she said that she had felt the same way, so we decided to approach the dream from this vantage point, since the Lord seemed to be confirming our sense about it. However, even though the Lord was revealing something about what is happening 'out there' in the world,  there was also a message from God that was specifically for France.  There is something that He wants her to do.  

The Focus of the dream is of course France, the dreamer. 

There are 3 Sub-Focuses:

1.  The school: This is a place of learning and so it could represent the Church in general, where we learn and where we grow in the things of God.  Four Details related to the school are the glass doors, the parking lot, the grass and the curb.

2.  The heavy rain:  In her description of what she's seeing, France is really emphasizing how much rain is falling and how heavy that fall is.  The verse of Scripture that immediately comes to mind is from the Gospel of Matthew 7: 25  "Rain came down, floods rose..."

The two important details associated with the rain are the dark clouds and the fact that the rain is so 'heavy' that it's flooding the parking lot.

3.  The scene in the sky:  It's a reflection of the beauty of nature here on earth.  A detail for this sub-focus would be the woman that France is pointing out this scene to.



Breaking down a dream isn't an exact science so that some of the details could be moved around a bit, but the trick is to pin down the important elements of the dream.  Sometimes too, what I like to do is to simplify the dream in a few sentences such as this:

- France is in a school looking out the glass front doors and then goes outside to have a closer look.
- A heavy rain is falling and is flooding the parking lot, with the water making its way up over the curb and towards the

- She looks up at the very dark sky and sees a break in the clouds that reveals a beautiful scene of the earth. She points
this out to a woman who is with her.

I find that when I do this, it helps me to get a more precise feel for the dream and to be able to get the gist of the story a little more.  In any case, you might find it helpful too.


Here is what we felt the dream was saying to her:  The Lord has her in a place where she is learning how to see and interpret what is going on around her in the world.  Whenever we find ourselves looking out a window in a dream, it points to our ability to see or to have some 'vision' about things around us or in our lives. God wants her to step out in faith through the front door to be able to hone her gift by having a closer look at things. This will help increase her ability to interpret what she sees. A front door usually means something that is in the present or the future whereas a back door might indicate something that has happened in the past.  So God is calling her to that now.

France sees that the rains have come and the water level is rising.  As mentioned earlier, this alludes to trials, tribulations and difficulties in her own life, but also in the lives of many others.  And these difficulties are not minimal because she notices how heavy the rain is.  Because the clouds are dark, we know that these difficulties are from the enemy.

But as the rains begins to subside, France is led to look up. She sees a break in the dark clouds.  This could mean that God is giving her the ability to see that grace does indeed break through in difficult times.  In bad times, we can so quickly forget all the good things, all the blessings, all the good people that God has gifted us with.  So France sees the Reality that still exists behind the dark clouds of the enemy: that sunshine, grass, light, indeed all the goodness of God's creation and providence is still there with us.

Lastly, there is a 'calling' aspect in the dream.  France calls over a friend and points out to her the Reality that is there and will always be there:  God is with us and is still blessing us, regardless of the "spiritual weather".  So basically, through this dream, God is encouraging France to keep learning how to discern, how to see and how to interpret what she sees so that she may be a source of encouragement to others who need to know that God is still with them in the midst of these difficult trials and tribulations.  

It's a beautiful dream and a beautiful mission.  There is probably a bit more symbolism to this dream but this is as far as we got.  Perhaps in time, with a little more prayer and pondering more will become clearer to France.

Psalm 123:1  I lift up my eyes to you...

Job 35:5  Take a look at the skies and see...

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