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"Help On The Way" Dream

Linda Dion

September 26, 2021

I had this somewhat disturbing dream on Sunday, March 27, 2016, in Brantford Ontario and the reason I'm writing out the whole date is because that day happened to be precisely Easter Sunday. I understood the meaning of the action, but I didn't understand how that dream applied in my life.  It was truly an odd dream to have on that morning and frankly, I was upset with the Lord and told Him so! 😁 You'll understand why when you read the dream. St. Thérèse wrote in her autobiography that she would have dreams about rabbits, birds and butterflies and such but I didn't understand why I wasn't being blessed in that way.  I complained to the Lord and asked Him why He was sending me such a dream on such a day!  There was nothing in my life that remotely dovetailed with it, but perhaps now,  5 years later, I understand what the Lord wanted me to know:

It was nighttime and there were a few bad men out, intent on doing evil.  I was making my way through the city streets, kind of like on patrol, and came upon a parade or procession that was just starting on a street perpendicular to where I was.  I watched as the police cruisers and policemen on foot went by at the head of the procession, which seemed to be a Christian one.  I thought I could recognize a few people from St. Mary's parish in Ottawa and the sense I had was that these people were there to stand up for their beliefs and that the policemen were there to protect them.  

I knew that one of the policemen had seen me and I seemed to be aware of his thoughts.  He was concerned about me and my safety and he decided to come looking for me.

While standing there on the sidewalk, I noticed a parked car between me and the parade on the other street and I knew that the bad men were in it.  I took note of the licence plate and took down the information or tried to remember it.  There was a "2", an "N" and a "6" in the sequence. At that point, I knew that the bad men had seen me take note of them and their licence plate.

Suddenly the scene shifted and it was now broad daylight on a bright, sunny day.  One of the bad men from the car, a very big, powerfully built man had found me and he was trying to inject me with a poison from a syringe and this syringe was huge!!  I was managing to wrestle with this man and to keep the needle away from me.  I was using my right arm to do so and was a bit surprised that I could hold off such a "strongman".  I could see that a good amount of poison was running out and falling to the ground and this made me hope that it would all drip out because I knew that one prick of the needle would mean instant death.  I also hoped I would have the strength to persevere until the policeman who had seen me arrived.  I somehow knew that he was on his way.

I also remember actually pricking the man with the needle a few times.  It's like I'd prick his face and then I'd be pricking the face of an animal; some kind of wild feline-type creature or maybe a wolf-like creature. This back-and-forth movement of his face happened quite a few times.  The man-face and the animal-faces were very fierce.

Well, that's my Easter Sunday morning dream!  I didn't insert any pictures this time because I couldn't find any that would do the dream justice.  Now this is definitely not one of those "feel good dreams" and yet there's still a lot of positive in it.  What I found particularly hopeful is that my battle with the adversary was done in the daylight, which is an indication of the Lord's presence and that I had the strength necessary to resist the strongman for an extended period of time.  The other positive sign is that the good policeman was on his way, which means that heavenly help and authority would come to my rescue.  However, the dream ended as a bit of a cliff-hanger, so this shows that the final outcome of the battle had yet to be seen.

I decided to forego the usual interpretation in the hope that some of you might be led to include your prayerful comments down below and let me know what you think.  I also hope that this dream might be an encouragement to many of you. For those of you who are interested in deciphering this message, I've included the meaning of some of the dream elements:

Parade/procession = A public occasion where people honour and celebrate good or evil in front of others.

Night = Can symbolize difficulties, trials, tribulations, spiritual trials.  The Christians in the parade were therefore openly declaring their allegiance in the midst of growing darkness.

Policemen = Represent authority figures who in this case are there to protect from danger and harm.  They can therefore symbolize heavenly (i.e. angelic) help and authority.

Bad men = Human and/or demonic enemies.  In this case, one of them was a "strongman", which clearly indicates a powerful demonic entity operating through a human being.

License Plate = It is what serves to identify the vehicle and the owner.  It enables the driver to operate a vehicle in his or her sphere of activity and in this case, with an evil agenda.

Syringe = An instrument meant to inject life or death into one's system.

Poison = Evil or dangerous teachings intended to poison one's bodily systems.  Evil intentions.  Evil substances.

Wolf/Feline = A wolf represents someone who moves with false authority to spread false teachings.  Any big feline can represent a person of influence and power who can act either for good or evil.  In this case, the intentions were evil.

Right arm = Power.  Faith to accomplish.

I believe that this dream is linked to two other dreams I had a few years later, so when I have those dreams posted, I will insert a link to the other pages.  Peace and blessings upon you all.

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