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"The Bunker" Dream

Linda Dion
September 26, 2021

There was a group of us getting prepared for "something".  It felt like it might be an attack of some kind.  We needed to get into a sort of bunker or cellar for protection but I'm not sure what we were endeavoring to protect ourselves from.  Was it physical or was it "in the air"?  Or was it a combination of both? That was the very strong feeling in the dream; it really felt like something was definitely coming.  There was a sense of urgency because it felt like this attack was very imminent.  

I was putting foodstuffs in a cooler so that we could have something to carry us through those few days.  There was a sense that it might be 3 days.

Then I thought of the cat.  We couldn't leave it there all alone to be attacked, so I began gathering food and litter for the cat and telling a person to go find it.  I hoped we would have enough time to do this before the attack came.

As I did with the dream "Help On The Way", I will omit my own interpretation and leave it up to you, the reader, to seek the Lord about it and come to your own conclusions. But as I did with the previous dream, I will include the meaning of a few of the elements.

Cellar/Bunker = These are places where we take refuge and store things in order to survive.  It can be a place of safety and protection from an attack.

Food = It can be literal food or spiritual food.


Cat = In this case, I didn't have a sense that the cat was mine in particular which is why I used the word "the" in front of the noun.  The cat was there and I felt a certain sense of responsibility for it because it seemed to be under "our" care.  I didn't want it to suffer the effects of this attack.  

Cats, depending on our feelings about them can be a positive or negative symbol.  If we love cats, then they can represent something that we cherish like a "pet" project/undertaking.  We know that cats are more independent creatures than dogs for example so they can represent the trait of independence in humans. This can be a negative or a positive thing, depending on the context of the dream.  

Attack = The word obviously speaks for itself but I wanted to underline the sense in the dream of this attack being "physical" and yet also something "in the air".  I wasn't sure which one it was, but it had the feeling like it could be both.

3 = This number will often conjure up the thought of the Blessed Trinity.  But it can also represent "fullness" or "perfect completion".  This interpretation would come from the fact that the Lord accomplished our salvation in 3 days with His passion, death and resurrection, fulfilling everything perfectly.

I didn't understand the dream at the time, but even though we may not have the desired understanding upon waking or after prayer, it doesn't mean that we are doing something wrong or that we're lacking somehow. The Lord will often let events play out where we only get the meaning later on as in Mordecai's dream.  This still yields much fruit in our souls because we see how the Lord never stops communicating with us, regardless of whether we get it or not and this increases our faith and trust in Him.  It also increases our assurance that the Lord will continue to give us a heads-up about upcoming events and this increases our confidence that over time, we will have a greater docility to the Holy Spirit who is always there to grant us more understanding and wisdom.  I find that when this happens to me in my own life, it somehow makes me trust God more in His care of me.  It's like he's saying: "You didn't get the meaning at the time, but that doesn't matter.  I'm still working things out for your good".

Psalm 18:2

Yahweh is my rock and my fortress,

my deliverer is my God.

I take refuge in him, my rock,

my shield, my saving strength,

my stronghold, my place of refuge.

P.S.  As I was getting ready to post this page, another dream I had about a month earlier, at the end of January 2019, came back to mind. I've decided to add it here because even though the symbolism used is slightly different, the message is basically the same.  I entitled the dream "Castle Security":

I was in a large, sturdy building made of stone.  It felt and looked like a castle.  To my left, there was a window and as I looked out, I saw 2 very black tornados forming with very black clouds. They would form and un-form and then form again.  They were very close, perhaps no more than 20 feet away.

I told everyone to go to a lower level for safety and I felt sure that we would be okay. The staircase we had to use was made of stone and it was wide with a very gentle rise. At the bottom of the staircase was the main floor landing and the people had to go down another set of stairs to a lower level which would basically be underground.  On the landing, there was a door and more windows and I could see the strong wind beginning to buffet the people that were outside.  I just didn't know how these people would fare!  The wind looked like it was an "autumn wind".  

Tornados, if you recall from my "Dark Tornado" Dream, are trials, attacks and tribulations sent by the enemy to wreak havoc in our lives.  When the tornado and the sky are dark, we know that this is a serious attack from the evil one.

Castles can often represent strong places of refuge where "the King" dwells as in the Psalm above.


The stairs in this dream represent "the steps" we need to take in order to get to safety. 

Autumn can symbolize the end of a "season".

Windows often represent the ability to see what is going on "out there".  They represent "vision" that the Lord grants us.

One last point I'd like to make about this dream and the one above is that even though I'm clearly the Focus of the dream, I'm not alone.  This means that I'm involved with other people and that what is happening isn't only affecting me, but everyone else that is with me.  The message is therefore for the group as well. 

I would truly appreciate you sharing with us what the Lord reveals to you about this.  Thank you so much and may the Lord bless you and keep you.

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