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"The Holy Spirit is Coming" Dream

Linda Dion
May 29, 2022 - Feast of the Ascension

This is a dream I had on July 19, 2018 and when I wrote it down in my dream journal, I was aware that I had had other dreams during the night.  Though I don't remember everything that I dream, I still write down what I do remember, even if they're just bits and pieces.  It's my way of letting the Lord know that I'm taking His messages seriously (those messages that are in fact from Him) and that I'm committed to the process of "unpacking" the meaning, which oftentimes isn't all that easy!  The disciples always asked the Lord to explain His parables to them so I find solace in the knowledge that their frail human minds and souls often didn't initially grasp the full meaning of the images the Lord was using to get His point across.  


The following dream though is pretty straightforward.  I'm sitting with some people and trying to tell a skeptic about the Holy Spirit's role in our lives and His coming in power.  What was interesting in the dream is that I wasn't just saying something to this young man but I really felt like I was declaring a reality, a truth if you will.


Perhaps some of you have had that experience.  I believe that when this kind of thing happens in a dream, it's the Holy Spirit at work in our souls and our spirits, having us declare ahead of time something that He wishes to unfold upon the earth at a future date.  It's like he wishes us to have a part to play in whatever work He intends to do and the declaration in the dream helps to bring the reality about in "real time".  We are after all God's ambassadors, and because of this calling upon our lives, we share in His mission and in His anointing.  And if God chooses to have some of us declare realities in a dream, it means that He prefers it to be so!

A rule of thumb for this kind of dream where you either hear a word being spoken or whether you're the one speaking the word is that it will most often be literal. It will not be metaphorical or parabolical. 


This is the dream that I had and the declaration that I made:  

I was seated at a table with Marcel and a few other people were there with us.  The setting had no colour that I can remember.

I was talking to a younger fellow who had a very noticeable sneer on his face.  I was saying something to him about the Holy Spirit being with us and helping us to move in the things of God.  That is when his sneer became even more pronounced.  Then I added that of course, it wasn't the fullness of power we were experiencing presently but that it was coming.

I said something like: "The Holy Spirit is definitely coming and we will definitely see a move of the Holy Spirit in power."

Holy Spirit 2 copy.jpg

As you can see, the dream is very straightforward:

- I'm with Marcel and other Christians.

- I'm talking about the Holy Spirit to a young man with a skeptical attitude.

- I then make the declaration.

The dream is pretty much self-explanatory; it seems that the Lord wants us to believe and then declare that the Holy Spirit is coming in power and that this of course will have a very powerful effect in all of our lives.  We will literally "be clothed with power from on high" in a much greater measure!

What do you think? Have you experienced this kind of a dream?  Let us know below in the comments box.

In the meantime, we can declare together the reality of the Holy Spirit and the greater anointing that is coming upon the earth in general and upon Christians in particular.  We do so need Him to empower us for the salvation of souls and the renewing of the earth.

I've included below a video that Marcel made of 2 dreams: the one I had above and one he had about the coming of the Holy Spirit in great power, which you can also read about in his post "The Phone Call Dream".

Luke 24:49

"And now I am sending upon you what the Father has promised.  Stay in the city, then, until you are clothed with the power from on high."

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