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"The Phone Call" Dream

Marcel Dion
May 29, 2022 - Feast of the Ascension

I haven't always been a big fan of dreams. Decades ago, before I'd learned anything about interpreting dreams from a biblical perspective, I had a typical secular, pop-psych viewpoint that resulted in my assuming that my 'weird' dreams would expose how broken and dysfunctional I was. In those days, dreams were not my friends!


After Linda and I were married and I was blessed to hear more about her remarkable dream life, I began to see how significant dreams could be and how the Lord could use them as an unmistakable vehicle to speak to someone, even me. Dreams, when discerned and understood from a biblical perspective can guide, encourage, warn, inspire, even heal and bring deliverance to the dreamer. I still don't remember every one of my dreams, but I don't doubt that many of them are from the Lord, given to me for my good and for my spiritual growth. I make a point of journaling those that are most striking. It's also unmistakably clear that some of my dreams are more significant than others. This "Phone Call" dream is a perfect example of that.


I had this dream on July 5, 2016, two years or so before a dream Linda was given on the same topic. It's quite short and simple. I think that's one of the factors that made it so strikingly significant; that and the message it contains.

I'm on a conventional landline telephone and I hear a voice that I don't recognize say the following:

"I remember the Pentecost of the past.  An outpouring is coming, that will last six years, unlike anything the world has ever seen!"

End of dream!


From the moment I woke up I felt an incredible measure of certainty that the dream was from the Lord. In fact, even within the dream itself I had a sense that I was experiencing something important; supernatural. In some respects there's not that much involved in interpreting a dream such as this one; the message is obviously the most important element. But a few of the details help to confirm the significance and prophetic nature of the message!


The phone, quite simply, is a beautiful symbol of PRAYER! In this case it indicates that a message is being communicated from God or Heaven! But why a landline instead of a cellular phone? Linda received the revelation on that! Landline, dial phones date back decades, suggesting a prayer life of longstanding, which is literally true. When I gave my life to the Lord on December 8, 1974) and began to learn about prayer, the only phone in our house was a landline dial phone.


The voice is unknown to me, therefore not a person I actually know. This is another symbol that suggests it's not a merely "natural" voice. The nature of the message also strongly suggests that it's a "supernatural" voice; the Lord, the Holy Spirit, God the Father, or one of their messengers such as an angel!.  


The first sentence of the "word" is another element suggesting that the person speaking is not someone from earth - how could they be if they remember the Pentecost of the past? The voice doesn't say "I've heard of Pentecost", or "I know about Pentecost". Remembering the "Pentecost of the past" can surely only refer to THE ONE Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was "poured out upon all flesh". The voice then makes a bold proclamation, revealing something that can only be known by God; that an outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming.


As with so many prophetic messages, especially about matters concerning these "last days", no specific date or time is revealed. The duration of six years, I found intriguing. The number six typically refers to all matters related to "mankind" (created on the 6th day). Is the number to be understood literally? Or does this suggest a number of years sufficient to potentially reach all mankind?  Finally, the magnitude of the promised outpouring is astounding! It suggests an outpouring that will eclipse the first Pentecost. Is such a thing possible? Some would argue that the world is in such a mess, far worse than the condition of humanity 2000 years ago, that only an outpouring of such a magnitude can possibly respond to the current need.


First of all I am in awe that such a dream would be given to me and that this message would be entrusted to me. As with Linda's dream, its spiritual significance is astounding. It's not an easy thing to make this declaration publicly because it leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable, but we do so in faith. The dreams have stayed with us all these years. The darkness in the world grows, it seems almost daily, making the messages even more relevant than when we were first given them. Since we believe these dreams are from God, we also believe that He is preparing us, and many like us (you for example) to receive a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We need it. The world needs it. We also believe that it's very likely that this unparalleled grace will co-exist with the darkness, confusion, rebellion and indifference that characterizes so much of the world today. We hope and pray that we live to see this promise fulfilled. 

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