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"Storm Troopers" Dream

Linda Dion

January 16, 2020

When the Lord gave me the following dream in July of 2019, Marcel and I felt that we had done a pretty good job of decoding it.  But what we didn't know is how well the dream would dovetail with the series of teachings that we've launched on the Three Ways and the Seven Mansions. It's only as we were preparing a video on the first mansions inside the Castle that we realized how well the dream and the teaching went together. God is always beforehand! 

I was watching everything happening around me from inside a frontier-type fortress and as though I was seeing it from a few feet up in the air. I could see part of the wooden stockade but my attention was on the opening into the camp, which was quite wide and had no door.  A child had just run in and I somehow knew that it had managed to evade its pursuers and make it to safety.


But the child, smiling and happy at having made it in, was standing too close to the entrance and again, I somehow knew that the enemy could reach in, grab it and pull it out of the camp.  I also knew that even though there was no gate to the entrance, the enemy could not enter the fortress.

The child proceeded to lay down on the ground, at which point I became even more worried, thinking it wasn't a very safe thing to do.  I had a thought that went something like this, "It shouldn't remain there!" Suddenly, other children came, picked it up and brought it into a hut, out of sight of the enemy and placed him on a bed so that he could rest there.  The camp was composed of children who were somehow adults in their capabilities.

The child had thought itself safe within the camp - which it was - but it didn't realize that the enemy, though unable to enter into the camp, could none the less reach in and grab anyone that was too close to the entrance.

Then the thought "Storm Troopers" came to mind.  These children were all Storm Troopers.

Storm Trooper Camp Image

This is close to what I saw.  In this picture, the angle of sight is from the ground.  In my dream, I was seeing the entrance from a point higher in the air.

Storm Tropper Hut Image

Again, this is an approximation of what I saw.  This is more of a cabin than a hut, but it gives an idea of the dream setting.  Interestingly, the photo was captured from a higher point, as in the dream.

This is a dream rich in symbolism and I'll try to give you some of the basic meaning of the dream elements.  It's very clear that the focus of this dream is not the dreamer.  I'm not at all involved in the action that is going on; I'm an observer, an onlooker. The question of my being higher off the ground points to the Lord giving me a "bird's eye view". The focus of the dream is the child who made it into the camp; all the action revolves around him. However, since the Lord granted me the dream in the first place, He must have been wanting to communicate something to Marcel and I.  If you've ever had a dream of this kind, know that you are still being given a message from the Lord, but that this message is not about you.  It may in fact be a call to intercession.

The camp is a safe place because it's the fortress of the Lord who is a rampart and a shield.  Anyone who wishes to come in is able to, since the gates are always wide open.  But our enemy the devil cannot enter that place.  This secure place is the Kingdom of God.

The child, so happy at having eluded his enemy, thinks itself safe and remains near the "front door" and unknowingly makes itself vulnerable by resting too close to the entrance.  This is a dangerous place because the enemy can still reach in and pull the soul out of the Kingdom.  This would entail a loss of the life of grace acquired through conversion. The child has done well by choosing to enter the life in Christ, but there is still so much to be done.  It cannot rest there as though the journey is over.

It will need the help of others who will bring it further in (hut) and teach it how to rest in the Lord (bed) and seek strength in Him. This is the mission of discipleship.  This part always makes me think of the last book in the Narnia Chronicles when "Night Falls on Narnia".  The end of all things has come and Aslan joyfully shouts out to all those who have made it in through the doorway, "Come further in! Come further up!" ( C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle)

The people in the camp are all beginners in the Lord and the reason we know that is because they are presented as children. But beginners can still do much for the Kingdom of God by helping to bring further in those who have just entered through the gates.


Finally, there is my last thought, that these children are "Storm Troopers".  The sense in the dream was very positive; not at all like something out of Star Wars! It's like God was revealing to me the future mission of these children.

I looked up Storm Troopers online and found out that the term was coined during World War I when the Germans were forming men who would be experts at "infiltration tactics".  These were the "shock troops" or the "storm men" who were unafraid.

We now come to the point where only time will bring more information about the dream.  Is the Lord saying that there is a new generation in the Lord that is being formed to become His "shock troops"?  Could be.  These beginners in the spiritual life may turn out to be the elite of the Lord.  

And the whole "pioneer" atmosphere of the dream may point to something new that the Lord is doing in our midst.  Time will tell.

Psalm 18:2   

Yahweh is my rock and my fortress, my deliverer is my God.

I take refuge in him, my rock, my shield, my saving strength,

my stronghold, my place of refuge.

Revelation 21:25

Its gates will never be closed by day...

April 22, 2023:  Marcel and I have been following the story of a 16 year old young man who has spoken out on behalf of the girls in his Catholic high school in Renfrew Ontario, just west of Ottawa.  In November 2022,  Josh Alexander organized a school walk-out to support the rights of girls who are having to deal with gender-confused males wishing to use the girl's bathroom. Many of these girls have expressed their concern and their feelings of being unsafe.  The fact is, there are already "gender-neutral" bathrooms in the school.  Josh has also stated that he believes there are only 2 sexes as taught by the Catholic Church and by the bible.  For all of this, he was handed a 20-day suspension by the Catholic School Board.  To this day, he is still fighting, with the help of Liberty Coalition Canada (LCC).

We admire this young lad for his courage in the face of persecution and we post his story here because we wonder if we are seeing the beginning of the fulfillment of the dream above.  Could Josh be one of those brave, young "storm troopers", ready to take a stand for his deeply rooted Christian beliefs?  Will his example lead other young men and women to follow his lead?  Once again, time will tell....

Please click on these links Josh Alexander, Josh Alexander's Arrest and Canadian Students if you wish to follow some his story.

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