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Proverbs 28:1

The wicked flees when no one is pursuing, the upright is bold as a lion.

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Linda May 5, 2024 - There's a word that has been resonating in my spirit for a few years now and it's the word "STAND!" Since my latest comment below,  darkness has increased in the world and the anti-Christ spirit manifesting through its globalist agenda has become more blatant, overt and proud. This has many of us wondering how we will navigate through these difficult times and keep our loved ones safe.  

The Lord wants us to know that as the Lion of Judah, He is always with us to protect us and defend us; and because we share in His nature, we too are powerful lions whose roar the enemy fears. God wants us to stand, to hold the line, to claim our piece of ground and declare out loud that God rules over all.  He will give us the strength and the boldness of lions to say what needs to be said and to do what needs to be done.  He will give us the wisdom we need.  He will direct us and tell us where to go and what to do.  


The battle is heating up and the enemy is positioning himself in all spheres of society.  But we won't be alone.  We will have the Lion of Judah with us for sure!  And we will be going out in "pairs" such as this pair of lions in the image above; older and younger lions working together, husband and wife teams, different denominations becoming allies, all kinds of people working together to push back and stand their ground in prayer, intercession and whatever action the Holy Spirit leads us to undertake. 


The battle is upon us, but we are the "upright" and the enemy will eventually flee.  We will find our courage and fight alongside our mighty King, the Lion of Judah, Who will overcome and overthrow all the demonic structures that seek to ensnare the world, and Who will lead us to victory.

Linda - March 20, 2022 -As global unrest grows and all the structures (secular and religious) that we've been relying on are being overthrown; as totalitarianism and dictatorship rapidly gain momentum here in Canada and all over the world; as mounting censorship is deciding for us what we should be permitted to view, hear, speak and even think; as digital identification and surveillance is infiltrating itself slowly but surely into our everyday lives; as our democratic rights and freedom are being eroded; we will absolutely need the courage and boldness of lions to stand our ground and proclaim the truths of God.  We will get that courage through prayer and through our faith in the Holy Spirit to anoint us with His power.  Evil is growing exponentially and suffering will inevitably grow, but we confidently wait upon the Lord, the Lion of Judah, who will have the final victory as the wicked ultimately find themselves overthrown. (see dream The Lion in the Sky).  And we will share in the Lion's victory as He makes everything new! The Lion of Judah is coming.  He is definitely coming.  And until then, we stand.  In peace...and even joy

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