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The "Naked" Dream

Linda Dion
July 2022

The recipient of this dream wishes to remain anonymous and I can well understand the request.  Having dreams when we are partially dressed or even naked - and often in a crowd! - is somewhat unsettling to say the least.  But "naked" dreams are amongst the 20 most common dreams that people have and can often be surprisingly positive in their message!  So let's have a look at this dream which the dreamer entitled "Naked" and which was given to her at the end of May 2022.

I was in a car with two “friends” and we were going someplace, but I had to stop at an apartment and get something. The apartment belonged to a different man but I had the key and I didn’t think he would be home. The key was gold.


The man driving the car stopped near the apartment, and I had to cross a busy street to get to it. The street was a downtown kind of street with stores on the street level and the apartments upstairs. I got out to run across the street and realized that I was naked. At first I thought I would just go anyway but everyone was staring and I was self-conscious, so I turned back.


The girl in the car called out the window, “I have some clothes you can wear”, but she was a petite Asian and I knew her clothes wouldn’t fit me. So I grabbed a blanket from the back seat and crossed the street again. When I went in the door that led to the upstairs apartment, I was about to go up when I heard the guy in his apartment. He heard me too, and started calling, “Who is it?” but I was afraid and left.

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