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I was with my Uncle Jerry, who is a priest, now deceased for about five years. I was with him at DeSales University where he taught English and Drama, and I went to one of his classes.  


We left the classroom and some of his students kept approaching me to ask questions, as if I had any answers. Backtrack into the classroom. Uncle Jerry asked if I could bring out some of his notes to tell the class some information from these notes. 


We then walked around the campus to get some lunch. He ordered a very large sandwich and he then asked me to pay for it because he didn’t have any money in his pocket. After I paid for it, he then took pieces off of the sandwich to feed me.  I was very happy to be with him and surprised that his students showed me any respect or high regard.

The Focus of this dream is Michelle, the dreamer.  

The important Sub-focuses that make up the plot of the story are:

- Her uncle Jerry

- the students

- the sandwich

All the other elements of the dream are important Details that give added information about the 3 major themes.

1.  Her uncle Jerry:  He was a priest who used to teach English and Drama at De Sales University.

                              He asks Michelle to go get his notes so she can share some of the content with his students.


2.  The students:  They asked her questions and had respect for her.

3.  The sandwich:  Uncle Jerry asks Michelle to pay for it because he didn't have any money.

                             He takes pieces off the sandwich to feed her.

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