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Colours in Dreams 

Linda Dion
April 18, 2021

God is light and in Him there is absolutely no hint of darkness.  Everything that He created shares in that light and reflects His glory. But because our Heavenly Father wished to show forth His multi-faceted nature, he created a world in colour so that each colour would become a reflection of His divine attributes.  All the colours of creation are messengers of that light, speaking to us something of the nature of our Father who found much delight in creating beautiful things for us to see.

Because Marcel and I wanted to witness to God's beauty of creation, we chose to build our website with lots of colour, because frankly, there seems to be so much black in the world today!

Since colours are part of creation, people through the millenia of human existence have come to use them in many symbolic ways to express certain realities of their lives.  For example, as Catholics, we use different colours for the liturgy that express not only a different season in the church but also different spiritual realities such as purple for Lent and green for ordinary time.  

We also use colours in our choice of expressions such as "being yellow", which means that a person is lacking in courage or "having a green thumb" which points to a gift of making things grow or "being green with envy", "being the black sheep", "out of the blue", "tickled pink", "seeing red", "this is a grey area", "a white lie", "once in a blue moon" and many others.  As soon as we hear these expressions, they trigger an understanding in us.

In this post we would like to put before you the positive symbolism of colours but also the negative ones.  Because of the Fall, what was once perfect is no longer so and consequently colours now symbolise not only the goodness of God but also the evil of the enemy.  Of course, what we have listed down below is not exhaustive of all the possibilities, but it may help you to decipher your dreams with greater clarity if it is clear that colour plays a significant role in the message.


Positive:      Glory of God. 

Negative:    False glory.  Self glory. 


Positive:      Mysterious.  Hidden.  Unknown.  Formality.

                   "Undercover" activity.

Negative:    Death.  Evil. Famine. Clandestine plans.


Positive:      Revelation.  Communion with God.  Prophetic.  Healing.

Negative:    Depression.  Emotional lows.


Positive:      Compassion. Humility.  Pastoral nurturing.

Negative:    Compromise (situational ethics).  Humanism.


Positive:      Purity. Loyalty. Holy.  Of immense spiritual worth.

Negative:    Idolatry.  Greed.  Defilement.  Lawlessness.


Positive:      Conscience (spiritual perception). Growth.  Prosperity.

Negative:    Envy.  Pride.  Jealousy.


Positive:      Maturity. Honour. Mind.  Intellectual understanding.

Negative:    Weakness.  Death.  Sadness.


Positive:      Perseverance.

Negative:    Stubbornness.


Positive:      Childlikeness. Love.  Combination of red and white.

Negative:    Childishness.  Immaturity.


Positive:      Given authority.  Royalty. Kingship.

Negative:    Demanded authority.


Positive:      Redemption.  Grace.

Negative:    Legalism.  Self-righteousness.




Positive:      Wisdom.  Anointing.  Power.

                   Blood of Jesus.  Sacrifice.  Atonement.

Negative:    Anger.  War.  Destruction.


Positive:        Righteousness.  Holiness.  Purity.

                    Triumph and joy.

Negative:      Religious spirit.  Legalism.


Positive:        Gifts.  Hope.  Faith.  Strength.


Negative:       Fear.  Pride.  Lack of courage.


Finally, please view the videos below.  Marcel did a great job of them.  I myself find it helpful to hear different people explain the same symbols since they might do it just a little differently or put the emphasis on another point; and that helps to make the explanation stick in our minds.

Dream Colours Part One.png
Dream Colour Part Two.png
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