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Linda Dion
February 18, 2023

Seeing money in a dream is always an interesting occurrence, especially when we find it on our path or when we dive into our pockets and find coins that we never knew we had!

The basic meaning of money is "favour"; the favour of God and/or the favour of man.  Money can also represent "power" because when we have money, it does give us the power to buy things and obtain what we need or what we want for ourselves and for whatever kind of Kingdom outreach we are involved in.  The other symbolic meanings of money can be "provision", or "inheritance".  These are the positive meanings of money.

On the negative side, money can represent "greed" or "materialism".  Those kinds of dreams would always have darker or muted colours.  Remember that bright colours are from God and that dark, grey or muted tones are either from our soul or from the enemy.

As with all dreams, the context is always very important.  It will usually give you a clue on how to decipher the meaning of the elements.  Along with tips to help you understand the symbolism of money, I also want to share with you a few dreams that I've been given over the years and hopefully this will help you decode your own money dreams.

I remember one dream I had many years ago where I'm biking along on a trail with trees on my right and a river on my left.  Suddenly I see something shiny on the ground so I get down from my bicycle to have a look.  It turns out that it's a coin.  As I bend over to pick it up, I see another one a bit further on.  Some of the coins - mostly dimes and quarters -are one on top of the other and I intuitively know that someone has deliberately done this.  I keep walking and find more coins.


There are many symbolic elements in this dream besides the coins but I'll focus simply on the money.  The meaning of this dream is that God (the "someone") had begun to release favour in my life in such a way that I would notice it along my path. However, I had to deliberately pursue this favour by getting off my bicycle to have a closer look and not say "oh, that's just a dime; it's really not worth my time and effort!"  God was telling me that I had to value whatever he gave me, no matter how small, and pursue this "trail of favour".  If I did so, I would discover more and be rewarded for my efforts.  That sounds a bit like the parable of the talents, doesn't it?

What if you had a dream where you find yourself with currency from another nation? This could mean that the Lord is literally calling you to that nation and telling you that His favour is upon you in whatever missionary endeavour you are called to, or it could mean that you have God's favour and anointing upon you to minister to people from that culture but within your own country.


Do you find ancient coins or are you given ancient coins?  This could mean that there are "old" ways or "ancient" teachings from years past or even centuries past that belong to the deposit of faith within the Church that God is calling you to look into because they are still of great value for yourself and for God's people today.  His favour and anointing would be on you to study these ancient truths and reformat them for modern times. There is a scripture passage from Jeremiah 6:16 that supports this interpretation where the Lord says, "Stand at the crossroads and look, ask for the ancient paths".  

Have you had a dream where you find coins you know don't exist on earth?  I had such a dream back in 2015.  I was with a couple of people walking down a street when bombs started falling not far from us.  Since we didn't want to get caught up in whatever "war" was going on, we decided the fastest way to get away from there and get home to safety was to take a bus.  I told my friends that I had money but when I held it out in my hand, I realized that it was foreign; it was money that I'd never seen before on earth.  The coins were very large and they seemed to be new.  They were also made of different metals.  We all came to the conclusion that the bus driver would probably not accept these coins and that we would be better off just walking home, even though this seemed a slower method of getting to safety than taking the bus.

What I believe the Lord was saying to me and my friends is that the "help" or the "favour" that we needed in this situation in order to get to safety was not man-made or of human origin.  God was letting me know that He was the only One who could lead us home and that we had His favour and His power to "walk this out" in faith.  Besides, in human terms, there was no "earthly" help (the bus) that could get us home, since the coins would not "be fit" for the bus.  We were entirely in God's hands.  The other piece to this dream was that God's favour was multi-faceted, which is indicated by the different metals making up the different coins. That was a comforting message.

But I've also had a few dreams where I do get on a bus and have the exact change in coins to put into the slot box.  The Lord was letting me know that I had the exact measure of His favour that I needed in order to get me to my destination, which in these dreams, was "home".  

Have you lost money in your dream?  If so, that would be a somewhat unpleasant revelation because it would mean a "loss of favour".  Now, if the loss of favour is related to human beings, this can be a difficult message to accept but it would flow from a loving Father's heart giving you a warning that times ahead might get a little difficult.  But if the loss of favour is related to God himself, well....we might want to have a good long look at our lives and see where we may have gotten off the right path.

What does it mean if you're given a cheque?  Marcel has had this happen in a few of his dreams but I'll let him tell the stories himself, perhaps in a post or one of his videos.  They are quite striking!  The meaning of cheques is very similar to that of currency but with a cheque there's an extra step you have to take before you can use the "favour" that's been granted to you.  This means that there can be something you need to do before you can "spend the favour".  We do need to "endorse" cheques, don't we, and sign our names on the back.  This would indicate God's desire to have you claim that favour as your very own, as belonging very clearly to you.

If you are given dollar bills, the favour is determined by the numbers and value of the bill.  Knowing the symbolism of numbers becomes quite helpful in such a case.  For example, if you are given a 5 dollar bill, the Lord would be telling you that He is favouring you with "grace", because the number 5 usually represents God's grace.  But let's say you are given 50 dollars, then you would be receiving a lot of grace from heaven.  The amount of zeros added after the first number usually multiply the value of that number, so if you were given $500,000 then you would be receiving an incredible amount of grace from God!


Be on the lookout also for plays on words such as "Coining a phrase" or "you're on the money" or "things are about to change" (in popular parlance we often call coins "change"), or "flip a coin"


There can be many other meanings to money depending on the context of the dream, but hopefully these few examples can help you get started.  Most often, the very first meaning of money is that God is releasing his favour into your life and He wants you to use that favour to fulfill your call, vocation and mission in life.

I will end this post with another dream I had in April 2017 while Marcel and I were living in Brantford, about a year before we moved back to Ottawa.  The gist of the dream was that Marcel and I were somewhere and some unknown person had just used a machine that looked like a vending machine.  I took out a quarter and put it in this tube-like contraption.  Suddenly, I had 3 or 4 quarters in my hand!  I thought, "This is great.  I'll try it again!", which I did, and it happened again.  "Look at this!" I would say to Marcel.  At the end of the dream, I had an apron full of quarters!  Some were silver and some were gold and they were bigger than our Canadian quarter.

The cool thing about this dream is that about a week later, Bob Borys, who is on our Board of Directors for Magnificat Ministries, came down from Kitchener to work in the studio with Marcel.  As it happened, our friend Chris Keyes was also with us on a visit so he can testify to what I'm saying.  Bob arrived at our home with 2 big coffee cans full of coins that a couple from Kitchener had donated to our apostolate.  When I saw all the coins, it reminded me of my dream and since I was already wearing an apron, we decided to pour the coins into my apron and take a picture!


We believe the Lord was confirming the message He'd sent in the dream; that He was definitely releasing favour into our lives but that this favour wasn't static and something to keep hidden away in our pockets.  The favour would grow if we had the courage to keep "investing" it and taking a risk so to speak. 


Dreams like that don't come often, but when they do, they are quite enjoyable and uplifting to our spirits because they are so encouraging and full of hope!

I should add that some dreams might be quite literal in their interpretation.  In that case, the Lord would be indicating that you are about to receive an actual financial blessing.  In either case, literal or symbolic, the dream is certainly revealing that you're in store for a great blessing of some kind!

If you have any comments or insights, please share them with us in the comments box below.  They are always appreciated and can be of help to so many people.

Psalm 5:12

It is you who bless the upright, Yahweh,

you surround them with favour as with a shield.

Proverbs 8:35

For whoever finds me finds life,

and obtains the favour of Yahweh.

Luke 1:28

Rejoice, you who enjoy God's favour!

The Lord is with you.

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