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"Angelic Protection" Dream

Linda Dion
March 19, 2020

This is a dream I had almost 4 years ago, but it's a dream that I'll never forget.  It is indelibly inscribed in my memory and when things get difficult, I bring this dream to mind.  It helps me to trust in God, no matter what and helps me to believe that He is always watching over me, no matter what things look like around me.  It helps me to feel safe!


I was outside somewhere and the day was clear and sunny. I seemed to be on the outskirts of a city and there was rubble all around me.  Some buildings were standing but others had been destroyed.  I looked up towards the sky as I heard the sound of an airplane.  As the sound grew nearer, I realized that it was a fighter jet.  I became afraid because I knew that I was visible and that if "they" saw me, they would probably start dropping bombs on me.

Suddenly a tall, muscular man came up behind me, silently grabbed me by the waist with his left arm, picked me up and brought me effortlessly next to a building wall, in a corner.  He then positioned himself in front of me, facing me and lifting up his arms to shield me with his body.  The men in the jet could not possibly see me. We were waiting for bombs to drop but we hadn't heard any by the end of the dream.

The man never said a word.  I knew that he was tall and muscular but I never really saw him.  I remember his left arm only; very powerfully built.

The elements of the dream are as follows:

Focus: The dreamer

The dream is about the dreamer and for the dreamer.


1. The ruins and rubble

2. The man

3. The fighter jets


These 3 elements make up the plot of the dream and we couldn't take any one of them away without changing the meaning of the dream.

Then come the details:

1. The man is tall, powerful. He lifts me with his left arm and shields me.

2. The fighter jets could drop bombs.



I've added a copy of a diagram I made of the dream.  I do this for most of my dreams since it's an excellent way of breaking down a dream in order to get the flow of the story.  It does help to reduce the dream to its basic plot elements.  So in this particular night parable, the Lord's message to me was:

Linda, I have you covered.  Through the difficult times when it seems that all is falling apart around you; when you find yourself surrounded by ruin and rubble; when times get tough; when you have to live through the rubble in other peoples' lives, know that you have my protection through your guardian angel.  When the devil is looking to bombard you with his attacks, your angel will bring you to safety and be your shield and protection.   

That is the basic message of the dream.  It was comforting, precious and unforgettable.  So how did I get to the conclusion that I did?

Well, the context of ruin and rubble is rather self-explanatory.  We all experience those times in our lives when it seems that everything is falling apart.  Our hopes and aspirations don't come to pass, or there is "ruin and rubble" in other peoples' lives and we get affected by it somehow, or there is something of a more global nature that affects us all. The encouraging thing in the dream though is that the day was clear and the sun was out.  This means that the Lord was there with me.

The fighter jets are the demons who are looking to "bomb us from above", taking advantage of the situation.  In the dream, I sensed that they weren't specifically looking for me and that they were headed elsewhere, but had they seen me, they would have taken advantage of this and tried to "get me" as well.

The tall and powerfully built man is an angel.  When an individual appears in a dream and we can't really see his face, that usually points to an angelic presence.  I was as light as a feather to him and I don't remember how I got carried from the place I was standing in to the corner of the building.  It was done in a flash.  Angels can do that!  

There's also an interesting detail here that I'd like to point out.  I was very aware of the angel's left arm around my waist. That's all I could see of him.  There is often a meaning to the right side or the left side in dreams.  Well, there can actually be more than one meaning but I would like to focus in on one of them.  The right-hand side often represents power.  We see this in scripture where we speak of God's powerful right hand.  The left side can refer to what someone is called to do, to that person's mission and calling in life.  So my guardian angel's mission and calling (left arm) is to protect me, shield me and bring me to safety!  I really like that!

The psalm that instantly came to mind when I woke up and wrote down the dream was:

Psalm 91: 3-12

He rescues you from the snare of the fowler set on destruction;

he covers you with his pinions, you find shelter under his wings.

His constancy is shield and protection.

You need not fear the terrors of night,

the arrow that flies in the daytime,

the plague that stalks in the darkness,

the scourge that wreaks havoc at high noon.

Though a thousand fall at your side,

ten thousand at your right hand,

you yourself will remain unscathed....

No disaster can overtake you,

no plague come near your tent;

he has given his angels orders about you

to guard you wherever you go.

They will carry you in their arms in case you trip over a stone.

Isaiah 40:31 Image

September 19, 2021- As things have changed tremendously in the world since I posted the dream above,  Marcel decided to create a video that would share with you the additional layer of meaning that we've since discovered.  Our hope is that you would be encouraged as we all navigate these difficult times.  So please click on the image below to view the video.

SS-Angelic Protection.png

Psalm 27 makes a bold declaration of faith in the midst of warfare and encourages us to keep waiting upon the Lord who can rescue us from all of our worries, fears, trials and tribulations either directly or even through the ministry of angels as Psalm 91 declares.  There's a kindredness between these two psalms since both of them encourage us to be bold in our faith and to utterly trust in the goodness of the Lord who loves to intervene on behalf of those who cling to him with an expectant heart.

To listen to Psalm 27, please click on the image.

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