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"Coloured Pants" Dream

Linda Dion
November 17, 2019

I enjoy all the dreams that the Lord sends me, but there is something particularly enjoyable in a short dream that doesn't require a lot of work to decipher! When I get that kind of a dream - short and to the point - I'm especially grateful to God.

The dream consisted mainly of an image.  I saw a pair of pants just hanging in the air.

They gradually changed in colour from a beautiful sunny yellow to a vibrant orange. That was it!

Pants - Yellow.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.18.09 PM.png
Pants - orange.jpg

This is how I broke down the dream:

Pants = Refer to the way a person walks in God or in the things of God.

Yellow = Symbolizes the mind and the virtues of faith and hope.

Orange = Symbolizes perseverance.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, I interpreted the dream this way: The Lord was telling me to persevere in my walk with Him by exercising faith and hope. He was telling me to guard my mind through faith and hope (yellow), by persevering (orange) in my relationship with Him and in the things of God. 

It was a wonderful word of guidance and encouragement to me.  I had that dream on the very last day of December 2016, setting the tone for the brand new year that was before me, when I would obviously need to exercise much hope and perseverance.

God had in essence, given me a "heads up"!  He is so good and faithful!

Hebrews 12:7 

Perseverance is part of your training.

Hebrews 6:12 

Our desire is that everyone of you should go on showing the same enthusiasm till the ultimate fulfilment of your hope, never growing careless, but taking as your model those who by their faith and perseverance are heirs of the promise.

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