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"The White Dog" Dream

Linda Dion

February 23, 2020

This is a sweet dream that God gave another dear friend of ours, this time in order to bring comfort and peace, thus revealing His heart for the dreamer.  This is the dream that Kathie had:

I had a lot of chaotic dreaming but the only thing that I can remember is lying in a bed and a big white dog came up to sniff my face (I had been dog-sitting my son’s white Siberian Husky yesterday, so it might be nothing more than reliving that. Except that this dog was not Ghost. It was a different dog.) The next thing I knew the dog was lying beside me in the bed. I loved it.


In this dream, the Focus is Kathie, the dreamer.

The Sub-focuses, which are the main elements that make up the plot of the dream, are the bed and the dog.

The Details are few but they still add an additional touch to the message.  Kathie is lying down on the bed and not sitting on it for example.  Then there are the details about the dog; he's white and he sniffs Kathie's face.

Let's have a look at the meaning of the symbols.  In this case, they will be positive because Kathie experienced the dream in a very positive way.  In fact, she stated that she loved it!

Dogs are known to be loyal companions and are said to be man's best friend.  We also speak of Jesus as being loyal and faithful and true.  The dog, in this case, symbolizes Jesus our faithful companion. 

The dog sniffing her face points to discernment.  We do say things like, "It doesn't smell right", "Use your nose" or "Let's sniff this out".

The dog's colour is white and white symbolizes purity and righteousness.

A bed is a place of repose or intimacy.

Putting it all together, we see that the Lord was telling Kathie something like this,

"Kathie, when you seek that intimate place with me (bed) and seek your rest in me (lying down), I will draw near to you for I am your faithful, loyal and righteous companion (colour white). I recognize you as one of my very own (sniffing) and I will never leave you. You will be at peace and you will experience the joy of my presence. Learn to rest in me."

Isn't this a wonderful dream?  I myself am blessed by this dream because it's so beautiful and full of promise.  Thank you Kathie for sharing this dream with us.

I would like to finish up by saying that even though, as Kathie remarked, we may see some elements in our dreams that remind us of things we've seen or lived during the day, this doesn't necessarily invalidate the dream.  The Lord uses everything, even the previous day's events, to speak to us a message that we need to hear.

Psalm 62:1  In God alone there is rest for my soul.

Psalm 68:3  The upright rejoice in the presence of God.

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