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"Number 19" Dream

Linda Dion
November 17, 2019

Most everyone enjoys numbers and many are even fascinated by them.  Numbers are part of God's creation in some way, shape or form and we also use numbers all the time to count, build and measure.  If we have a close look at the Bible, the scriptures are filled with numbers, numbers that do indeed have a meaning.  

The following dream contained a single number.  It was a simple dream that Marcel and I had lots of fun deciphering.  

In the dream, I was simply counting lines or tiers of some sort.  "One, two, three" and so on until I reached 19. That was the dream.  


The number 19 can be broken down in different ways, so this is where praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance is very important. Both Marcel and I prayed and pondered the meaning of this number.  As a whole number, 19 relates to faith, but an unusual faith, a great degree of faith.

As to its components, it could be broken down into 1 + 9 or into 10 + 9. Through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we felt that we should look at the numbers 10 and 9.

Ten refers to God's perfect divine order (as in the Ten Commandments for example).

Nine refers to God's judgement, but also to fruitfulness (as there are 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit).

So what was God saying to us through this dream? It's Marcel who was actually given the insight into piecing it all together. God was saying:  

     "You can count on this: That my judgement is spot on and will order your lives perfectly. If you exercise faith, great faith, your lives will bear great fruit."

This was so very exciting!  We were in awe of what God was saying to us. And we realized that God has a sense of humour.  He used a play on words - "you can count on this" - through my counting lines, to bring home the message that He is with us always and that He leads us perfectly into our future.  There is no need to worry. 

Blessed be the Lord, who works wonders for His faithful, even as they sleep!

Deuteronomy 31:6 "Yahweh your God is going with you; he will not fail you or desert you."

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