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"The Turquoise Car" Dream

Linda Dion

January 26, 2020

In the following dream, a beautiful turquoise car is the symbol God used to speak an exciting message of calling and destiny into the life of a dear friend of ours.  This is the dream, as recounted by France:

I'm walking up a long single lane driveway at a beach-type location. I notice a beautiful turquoise car parked at the end of the lane near the street, behind many other cars leading to the beach house.  All the cars are new versions of old 50's milk truck-type cars and some are turquoise and others are light brown.  But the turquoise one at the end of the driveway is the one I love the most.  I enter into the house and ask a young girl who my favourite  car belongs to and she says, "It's yours!"

Turquoise Car Image

Now that is definitely a feel good dream!  France said that she just loved the dream and no wonder! And even if we couldn't decipher the whole meaning of the dream, we would intuitively know that God is speaking a very positive and encouraging message into her life.  

It's always a good thing to start by choosing a title to a dream because it helps us to begin deciphering the message.  France entitled her dream the "Turquoise Car" dream.  

Then, we find the focus of the dream.  In this case, the dreamer - France - is the focus.  Everything that happens is related to her and if you were to take her out of the dream, the message of the dream would be lost.  

Next come the sub focuses.  In this case, there are 2 elements that really stand out:  the car itself and the message spoken. If one were to take out the young girl's message or the car, the dream would fall apart.  

After that come the details.

Starting with the car, we find out that it's a beautiful turquoise colour and that it's a modern version of a 50's car.  It's also at the end of the driveway behind other cars, so it's very accessible.

Next, there is the message.  It's spoken by a young girl who comes out of a house.  This house is in a beach-type location.  

From all of this, what was the Lord saying to France?  He was very clearly saying, "France, you are next in line to come into your destiny and I'm providing you with the vehicle you need through which you will fulfill your calling. It is a calling that has its roots in the past, but that has been updated to fit our modern times and needs.  You are being equipped to help people come into healing, revelation and spiritual growth.  You will really enjoy this and you'll be able to move and "drive off" in this calling with a relaxed and peaceful frame of mind.  There will be much grace available to you."

So how did we get to that interpretation?  Without going into all the details, we can look at a few of the major dream symbols.

Car = A vehicle which enables you to fulfill your mission linked to a ministry or to a job.

Turquoise = A combination of blue (revelation and healing) and green (conscience and life/growth).

Girl = A message from heaven mediated through an angel.

Beach-type house = Evokes relaxation, peace, enjoyment.

#5 = Grace; so there is much grace because 5 is multiplied by a factor of 10 (50).

Calling and destiny dreams are amongst everybody's favourites.  You can sense, upon awakening, that you've had a kind of 'visitation' from the Lord.  There comes with this sort of dream a sense of excitement and renewed purpose.  It enables us to look forward to what the Lord is calling us into and gives us the strength to persevere when difficulties arise, which they always do!  


Thank you France for sharing your dream with us!   

Romans 11:29 "The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable."

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